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CINQUE PORTS, Eng. law. Literally, five ports. The name by which the five ports of Hastings, Ramenhale, Hetha or Hethe, Dover, and Sandwich, are known. 2. These ports have peculiar charges and services imposed upon them, and were entitled to certain privileges and liberties. See Harg. L. Tr. 106- 113.

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5 km, respectively; Duke, Cinque Ports and Dresden seamounts along with Alejandro Selkirk Island with 149 km and 65.
Westwood was at Royal St George's on Monday, but Donald's determination to improve his record can be gauged by the fact that he has been to Sandwich too and also played three other links courses in the area - Prince's, Rye and Royal Cinque Ports.
This archaeological monograph describes excavations at the small town of New Romney in Kent, England, and relates its findings to the important role that the settlement played as one of the Cinque Ports in medieval maritime history.
But the Kent pro has an eye for links golf after growing up on Royal Cinque Ports and is relieved to be back.
Jared McKnight (Whit-tington) missed only two greens in his opening 71 on Monday at Cinque Ports.
The weather was still great as we visited Hythe, one of the five old Cinque Ports, but now more of a quaint old town than a seaside resort.
5) There follows an illuminated list of the wards of the castle of Dover, in Latin together with a list in French of rations for the garrison in times of war, and details of the ships to be supplied by the barons of the cinque ports in such circumstances (Figs.
Asone of the ancient Cinque Ports, Hythe is dotted with historic sights ranging from Roman remains to Martello Towers and Second World War barracks.
The venues replace Woburn, Royal Cinque Ports, Gailes Links and Hillside, where there will be 12 places available for this year's Open at Troon from a field of 288 players.
A Warden of the Cinque Ports B Presiding Officer of the Scottish Parliament C Chairman of Grampian TV D European Commissioner QUESTION 14 - for 14 points: In Sacha Baron Cohen's 2012 film The Dictator, who was the principal target of satire?
These days their role is ceremonial, but the five coastal towns that made up the Cinque Ports were tasked with helping the Monarch protect the realm.
Marsh (inset) burst on to the international scene after reaching the last eight in the British Amateur Championship at Royal Cinque Ports in June.