Circuit Court

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Circuit Court

A specific tribunal that possesses the legal authority to hear cases within its own geographical territory.

A circuit court is ordinarily an inferior trial-level court; appeals are heard by superior courts possessing the requisite jurisdiction. The jurisdiction of a circuit court generally extends over a number of counties or districts wherein the court sits.

The name circuit court can be traced historically to the period when a single judge rode the circuit to hold trials in each county within the designated territory. In geographical locations with small populations, this method of dispensing justice eliminates the expense of providing every small village with its own judiciary.

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Circuit Court

the court in the Republic of Ireland above the District Court, which has both civil and criminal jurisdiction. The country is divided into eight circuits, in each of which there are several towns in which the court sits. In civil matters the judge hears cases without a jury, can award compensation and deal with issues relating to land where the rateable value of the land does not exceed ₠252.95. As a criminal court, it can deal with indictable offences referred to it by the District Court, when a judge sits with a jury. Certain serious criminal cases, of which the most common are murder and rape, may only be tried in the Central Criminal Court in Dublin. The Circuit Court hears appeals in both criminal and civil cases from the District Court, which take the form of a rehearing of the case. Appeals from the decisions of a circuit judge in a civil case are to the High Court and from it to the Supreme Court. In a criminal case, appeal is to the Court of Criminal Appeal and then the Supreme Court. The Circuit Court handles appeals from the Labour Court, Unfair Dismissals Tribunal and the Employment Appeals Tribunal.
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CIRCUIT COURT. The name of a court of the United States, which has both civil and criminal jurisdiction. In several of the states there are courts which bear this name. Vide Courts of the United States.

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Because the amount of the jury verdict exceeded the amount requested in the complaint, the circuit court judge remitted the award to either $100,000 or $200,000.
(11) Rule 9.130 also applies to "appeals to the circuit court of non-final orders when provided by general law." (12) Appeals of non-final orders in criminal cases is prescribed by Rule 9.140.
Onesimus Barwon Resident Judge 14thJudicial Circuit Court, Rivercess
The circuit court ordered the state to pay procedure expenses worth nearly 12,200 euros.
During his visit, The Judge of Circuit Court Larkana Mr.
Although Dillon did not mention specific programs, Chanti said at another hearing held just before Taylor's scheduled trial that Circuit Court does not offer community service programs or traffic school as alternatives to traffic fines, unlike Municipal Court.
The 8th Circuit court is the first to rule that the government's religious freedom accommodation is not enough, and that forcing organizations to offer contraceptive coverage --even indirectly--violates their religious rights.
We affirm the circuit court's decision that defendant entered a valid Alford plea to the charges of murder, attempted murder, and attempted armed robbery.
The day after he was discharged, but within the 10-day time frame specified in the statute, Paugh appealed his commitment to the Henrico County Circuit Court under Virginia Code [section] 37.2-821.
Legislation creating the new Circuit Court was unanimously approved by the House and Senate Finance and Judiciary committees and, ultimately, the House and Senate.
The judges attending included, from left, first row: Circuit Judge Lucy Brown, NSU Law School Dean Athornia Steele, chapter president attorney Nicole Morris; from left, standing: founding chapter president/Assistant Public Defender Eunice Tall Baros, County Court and Veterans Court Judge Ted Booras, County Court Judge Frank Castor, Circuit Court Judge Jeff Colbath, Circuit Court Judge Amy Smith, and Circuit Court Judge Charles Burton.
The court held, inter alia, that the Circuit Court did not abuse its discretion in granting the plaintiff a new trial on her postrial motion when the court determined that it erred in instructing the jury on contributory negligence and the jury found Northwestern liable in the suicide of the plaintiff's decedent, and the record evidence supported the court's ailing that the plaintiff s decedent was completely devoid of reason at the time of her suicide.