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23] The circulating nurse should document the throat pack insertion and removal times on the surgical count record.
Fox asked the circulating nurse, Nurse Lloyd, for the pregnancy test results and she reported that they were negative.
Intraoperatively, the circulating nurse should confirm periodically that IPCDs are in place and functioning, and that the pneumatic unit is connected to a power source for the duration of the procedure to preserve battery life.
If you are managing a VBAC patient in labor, you may want to have an anesthesiologist, scrub nurse, circulating nurse, and pediatrician hanging around.
When the circulating nurse administered preoperative antibiotics (cefazolin 1 gm in 10 ml IV), the patient complained of pain at the injection site and suddenly became unresponsive with cessation of breathing.
I was working in the operating room as a circulating nurse when I found myself physically unable to do my job.
We operated non-stop for 24 hours during this emergency; and as "acting head nurse" I was responsible for assigning scrub nurses for each surgery while I acted as circulating nurse for the all the surgeries, in addition to ensuring sterile set-ups and instruments for each new surgery.
An information station located in each room will allow the circulating nurse to operate all components of the suite as well as provide for expeditious care to the patient.
When the circulating nurse notifies the charge nurse of the pending completion of the case, he or she notifies the charge nurse of the cleaning status of the room.
In the operating room (OR) the circulating nurse positions the child in a supine position on the OR bed with the head on a padded ring.