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During each procedure, the circulating nurse collected gloves as they were changed or removed.
Finally, UCI developed a new data compliance view for SIS Analytics Anesthesia View to ensure that the anesthesiologist and circulating nurse capture all of the required data and milestones.
However, they argued that the failure to give the antibiotic was caused by the negligence of the circulating nurse, RN Janet Wilcox.
Have you ever asked the circulating nurse to go find a camera so you can document an unusual finding and been disappointed to learn that the camera is broken or out of film?
However, in this unusual Kentucky case, both the Circulating Nurse and a Surgical Technician indicated that it was their practice to follow hospital protocol regarding removal of "sharps.
DENVER -- As advocates for patient safety in the operating room, the Association of periOperative Registered Nurses, (AORN), announced support for Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell's signing of HB 1641 requiring the presence of a circulating nurse in certain operating rooms.
House Bill 1641: An Act requiring a circulating nurse in certain operating rooms.
Christy Tolbert, the circulating nurse, maintained that she turned the unit on and set it to 98.