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CIRCUMDUCTION, Scotch law. A term applied to the time allowed for bringing proof of allegiance, which being elapsed, if either party sue for circumduction of the time of proving, it has the effect that no proof can afterwards be brought; and the cause must be determined as it stood when circumduction was obtained. Tech. Dict.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Therefore, the specific aims of this study were (a) to measure in vivo maximum thumb circumductions performed by a group of anthropometrically diverse participants and (b), through biomechanical modeling and statistical analysis, to establish a normative database of thumb circumduction ROM and related kinematic characteristics while examining the effects of anthropometry, gender, and circumduction direction.
of Cases % Dorsiflexion > 45 28 93.33% < 45 2 6.67% Total 30 100% Palmar flexion > 30 28 93.33% < 30 2 6.67% Total 30 100% Ulnar deviation > 15 21 70% < 15 9 30% Total 30 100% Radial deviation > 15 23 76.67% < 15 7 23.33% Total 30 100% Supination > 50 28 93.33% < 50 2 6.67% Total 30 100% Pronation > 50 27 90% < 50 3 10% Total 30 100% Circumduction + 26 86.67% 4 13.33% Total 30 100% Table 8.
Zhao, "In vivo pilot study evaluating the thumb carpometacarpal joint during circumduction," Clinical Orthopaedics and Related Research, vol.
For instance, an individual after stroke may successfully clear an obstacle in a timely manner and yet do so, primarily utilizing compensatory approaches like heavily relying on an assistive device or using inefficient movement strategies such as excessive hip hiking and circumduction of the affected leg.
The iLimb, iLimb Pulse, Bebionic, and Bebionic v2 thumbs have actuated distal joints (i.e., MCP and PIP), while the circumduction joint can be positioned in multiple states manually (the Vincent hand tested did not include a thumb).
Down strokes involve extension, pronation, and abduction (circumduction) of the manus; extension and rotation of the forearm; and extension and rotation of the arm.
Deviations during the swing phase include a decreased foot-floor clearance, abnormal foot-floor contact after swing with the foot flat on the floor, and circumduction of the hip with the knee in extension resulting in the dragging of the toes (2, 3, 8, 9, 10).
In practical terms, a muscle's intended biomechanical function (e.g., flexion, extension, adduction, abduction, elevation, depression, rotation, circumduction, etc.) is heightened when combined with multiple synergists (assistant muscles) to perform a specific skill.
For instance, Smutz, Serina, and Rempel (1994) employed the goniometer for wrist posture measurement in their ergonomic assessment of keyboard designs; Moore, Wells, and Ranney (1991) and Wells, Moore, Potvin, and Norman (1994) used the goniometer to quantify wrist motion and posture in their field assessments of ergonomic risk factors; and Ojima, Miyake, Kumashiro, Togami, and Suzuki (1991) performed a dynamic analysis of wrist circumduction using the goniometer in clinical trials.
Circumduction of ankle joint will be done in supine or high sitting positioning in clockwise and anticlockwise directions, 20 repetitions are given in 1min.
For example, for elbow flexion, the rating of 1 corresponds to approximately -2.0 logits, while for wrist circumduction the rating of 1 corresponds to approximately 1.0 logits.
feeling of A weakness in wrist, no particular disability if careful, activities slightly restricted Poor Pain, limitation of motion, disability, activities 6 more or less markedly restricted Objective evaluation * Loss of dorsiflexion S Loss of ulnar deviation 3 Loss of supination 2 Loss of palmarflexion 1 Loss of radial deviation 1 Loss of circumduction 1 Loss of pronation 2 Rain in DRUJ 1 Grip strength--60% or less of opposite side (using 1 dynamometer) Point range 0-5 End result point ranges Excellent 0-2 Good 3-8 Pair 9-20 Poor 21 and above * Objective evaluation is based on the following ROM is being minimum for normal function, Dorsiflexion--45", Palmarflexion--30".