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For circumferentially cracked pipes, new plastic influence function h1 is calculated using the equation for fully plastic part of the J-integral in (12), which is rewritten as
As already underlined, in this study for the first time, novel Cs nanofibrous mats with circumferentially orientation similar to native knee meniscus were successfully fabricated.
If the abrasion was uniform, the cross section was cut out every 120 degrees circumferentially. There were three methods to cut out the samples:
In our case, sonography revealed well-demarcated mass with lobulated contours that contain round-shaped cysts scattered circumferentially and septae within, giving an appearance of "water lily" sign and "wheel-spoke" pattern of the disease, consistent with a types II-III hydatid cyst.
Caption: Figure 2: Endoscopic image of proximal esophagus showing circumferentially black mucosa.
Caption: FIGURE 2: Magnetic resonance imaging (T2-weighted images) revealed cystic lesion encompassing the right popliteal artery circumferentially. Red arrow: cystic adventitial disease of popliteal artery.
Studies have shown that the taut skins of other fishes are more resistant to tensile strains directed circumferentially than to those directed longitudinally (Hebrank, 1980; Hebrank and Hebrank, 1986; Naresh et al., 1997).
Diagnosis of urethral prolapse is made by history and clinical findings of a circumferentially prolapsed meatus, often described as a "doughnut" shaped mass protruding from the urethra.
We then performed a stenosing ligature using a surgical thread (0 silk) passed twice circumferentially around the vein at about 1.5-2 cm from the anastomosis.
Over 30 clinical trials in over 750 patients have shown that up to 2 inches or more of fat can be lost circumferentially after just 3 treatments performed at 2 week intervals.
Ideally, DBDs would be mounted on a compressor (or turbine) casing inner wall circumferentially and axially in the blade path.
The 5m deep tank contains 2.4 million litres of fresh water and is circumferentially ringed by a total of 168 absorbing wave makers.