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Lamprey skin samples shaped as dumbbells and samples to be strained circumferentially were difficult to form due to the small size of the specimens; therefore, only Young's modulus from skin samples strained longitudinally was measured in this study.
The tape, which is 5 mm in width, is circumferentially placed close to the internal os and the 'purse string' tightened to occlude the cervico/ uterine arteries.
In the second one, pre-stressing was applied circumferentially along the edges of panel.
The skin proximal to the wound was undermined with curved scissors until approximately 4 cm of skin was freed circumferentially (Figure 2).
On endoscopy the affected mucosa appears red and velvety, extending proximally either circumferentially or advancing in one or several tongues.
At laparotomy, we found dense, thick, adhesive sheaths circumferentially wrapping loops of small bowel giving the shape of cocoons in the abdomen (Fig.
The diaphragm was then incised circumferentially around the tumor.
Wall thickness for each section was measured through micrometry, circumferentially at eight different places along the planes at 45o to each other and then their mean taken as a reading for the respective artery.
Black esophagus is a rare disease characterized by circumferentially appearing necrosis of the distal esophagus that extends proximally and may involve the entire length of the organ.
The probe lies at the bottom of the pipe, which is typically the slowest region, circumferentially speaking, to heat.
SEL is a condition in which an abnormal excess adipose tissue is deposited circumferentially around the spinal cord in the epidural space.
Applying increasing weight to a hand suspended in finger traps is likely to increase the pressure applied to the fingers as the finger trap will tighten circumferentially.