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to engineer a radially and circumferentially staged flame stabilizer matched to the specific requirements of the burners.
The renal vein wall was detached circumferentially and the mobile retroheptic thrombus was extracted en bloc with ring forceps.
After 2,915 miles, the TireSilencers remained intact and very little abrasion circumferentially on one side along the center of the foam touching the innerliner was observed (figure 3).
Its innovative nitinol element provides unique anti-slipping properties while circumferentially dilating plaque, providing a precise and predictable dilatation across a wide range of lesion types.
Circumferentially around the building an infrastructure for Hubsteiger be applied.
Elastic members circumferentially extend under tension in a vicinity of the waist opening.
The first is a conventional close fitting split sleeve or leaking defect repair sleeve which has been longitudinally butt welded and circumferentially fillet welded to the carrier pipe.
Cook's Zenith TX2 is the only endograft with circumferentially anchoring barbs on both the proximal and distal segments of the device, which provides best-in-class fixation.
closure of wall penetrations;- 15 m situ concrete for a new staircase, 2 storeys, indoors, formwork for landings and runs;- New installation of suspended ceilings in bay three-storey installation shafts;- 500 m interior plaster as lime cement plaster with Smooth lime, 230 m thermal insulation EPS indoors, base insulation circumferentially around the building;- Concrete repair in small areas, 70 m cable trench for local heating and power line outdoors, foundations for recooler outdoors.
The tire includes a circumferential tread, a pair of sidewalls, a pair of bead regions each having a bead core, and at least one carcass ply extending circumferentially about the tire from one bead region to the other.
A liquid permeable cover circumferentially surrounds the absorbent to form an elongated softwind that has both a first and second end.
The inspection vehicle travels through the pipeline and transmits ultrasonic signals that are pulsed circumferentially around the inside diameter wall.