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Anomalous origin of circumflex coronary artery from right pulmonary artery: report of a rare anomaly.
Differentiation between right and circumflex coronary artery disease on thallium myocardial perfusion scanning.
The left circumflex coronary artery showed severe calcific atherosclerosis.
The location of the saphenous vein graft treated with the eSVS MESH will be randomized to either the right or circumflex coronary artery bed.
The RCA guidewire was retained as support wire for stenting the circumflex coronary artery because of the elongated and tortuous prepulmonary course of the left main coronary artery.
We report a patient with atypical angina whom there was bifid origin of the right coronary artery, coexisting with an anomalous right bronchial artery originating from the circumflex coronary artery.

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