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It is refreshing to read such a book without the usual excess verbiage, circumlocutions, and dodges.
They also invented words for the most frequently used military terms, and in a stroke of brilliance, used poetic circumlocutions for some of them: America, for instance, became "our mother"; a submarine was an iron fish; a grenade, a potato; a battleship, a whale.
But speaking well, as that is understood in politics -- circumlocutions serving tactical reticence -- is not his forte.
I also cannot see for one minute why Iran would want to imitate North Korea's tortuous circumlocutions and somersaults.
For example, the OT Word of the Lord and passages in the Book of Wisdom may at times suggest circumlocutions for the divine as well, and could be the foundation of John's appropriation of the divine Word title into his Prologue.
Given the legislative circumlocutions that imperiled health care reform, the path forward for longterm care insurance seems murky indeed.
People do verbal exercises, almost acrobatics, to explore the range of circumlocutions for the word.
Paul, but he does so through circumlocutions ("di Silvio il parente" and "lo Vas d'elezione") before the pilgrim's climactic line: "Io non Enea, io non Paulo sono" ("I am not Aeneas, I am not Paul" 2.
He has avoided the circumlocutions that normally dominate Iranian political discourse.
They abound in arcane terms of art, circumlocutions, bureaucratese and examples that are less than exemplary In printed volumes, the researcher must hold his or her place with a thumb while looking up a cross-reference, which in turn refers to another section and so exhausts the researcher's supply of thumbs, not to mention patience.
Many cultures do not come to the point straight away but have circumlocutions before addressing the main subject.
Dreamy, they operate at the level of compound tone poems: mournful, ironic, surreal, couching in their knowing circumlocutions a yearning to feel wracked by life, even unto death.