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According to Heidegger (1962), and this relates to his notion of ontological truth as aletheia, or disclosedness, scientific methods for problem-solving are derived from and dependent on basic and original modes of concernful, circumspective coping.
The majority of Asian Christians in the early 20th century, who were illiterate and short of circumspective knowledge of the Bible, tended to read it as an absolute, reading it literally.
Hence, the following circumspective qualification by the preeminent Intelligence Studies scholar L K Johnson (2003a: 1) in the introduction to his landmark contribution, still encapsulates the primary requisite for progression with intelligence theorisation in general: "The objective is less to impart new knowledge than to lay out what we know in such a manner as to suggest next steps in theory construction".
Relevance with society needs, unique, comprehensive circumspective research facilities, financial crisis, weaknesses of examinations system, ineffective governance and academic results are not at par with international standards.
Heidegger poses the critical question, "By what existential-ontological modifications does assertion arise from circumspective interpretation" (p.
79) Therefore, every understanding is an interpretation and every interpretation is circumspective.
The spatiality of being-in-the-world privileges various directions of circumspective manipulation.
Whilst prophetic traditions were widely publicized, memorized and disseminated to all, the education of tasawwuf was restricted and its propagation circumspective.
51) Generally, all entities and things appear and loom (truly) meaningful to us only in terms of their contingent use, premised on our circumspective concern, or Sorge.
Interpretation of the scene reflects the circumspective force of the gaze, while suppressing the answering gaze of the other.
One becomes, suddenly, attuned to the properties of the things one is using and to a range of possibilities for interaction that were previously foreclosed through habitual and circumspective involvement.
Compared to the newly resurrected race-and-economy genre, however, some of the older thinking seems highly circumspective in its use of patchy data, and in how carefully it qualified its conclusions.