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EVIDENCE, CIRCUMSTANTIAL. The proof of facts which usually attend other facts sought to be, proved; that which is not direct evidence. For example, when a witness testifies that a man was stabbed with a knife, and that a piece of the blade was found in the wound, and it is found to fit exactly with another part of the blade found in the possession of the prisoner; the facts are directly attested, but they only prove circumstances, and hence this is called circumstantial evidence.
     2. Circumstantial evidence is of two kinds, namely, certain and uncertain. It is certain when the conclusion in question necessarily follows as, where a man had received a mortal wound, and it was found that the impression of a bloody left hand had been made on the left arm of the deceased, it was certain some other person than the deceased must have made such mark. 14 How. St. Tr. 1324. But it is uncertain whether the death was caused by suicide or by murder, and whether the mark of the bloody hand was made by the assassin, or by a friendly hand that came too late to the relief of the deceased. Id. Vide Circumstances.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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He went on, 'The accused has been identified or recognised and there is absolutely no evidence whether direct or circumstantial linking him to the offence.
However, over the past two-plus years, there have been plenty of circumstantial happenings, events and rhetoric that strongly suggest, at least, blatant wrongdoing.
"In FELA cases, causation may be proved by circumstantial evidence alone and does not require direct evidence.
Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], Dec 21 ( ANI ): A special CBI court on Friday acquitted all 22 accused in the Sohrabuddin Sheikh fake encounter case, citing unsatisfactory circumstantial evidence.
She, however, said that it will be dangerous to use the circumstantial evidence to deny him bond at this stage.At the same time, she ruled that his co-accused Mr Michael Oyamo and Mr Caspal Obiero are not entitled to freedom pending the murder trial.
But Garbin, a lawyer, says circumstantial evidence won't cut it.
'All circumstantial evidence we've gathered point [to the fact] that the metallic lifters contained drugs,' Lasala said.
Ms Reynolds said: "What I thought I saw was a body slumped over the steering wheel but [my friend] assured me it was just the seat." Prosequestion cutor Alexander Owens had earlier told the jury the circumstantial evidence in the case was sufficient to establish 34-year-old O'Driscoll was guilty of the two murders.
Apparently the man committed suicide, but the circumstantial evidence showed that he was shot dead, according to the policeman.
'It is being ensured that the investigation of this case is carried purely on merit in the light of the material evidence, medical/postmortem report, Forensic Science Agency reports, circumstantial evidence and other proofs during the investigation that deceased Fatima has died due to burning of fireworks.'
Police says that the parents are trying to save the accused and circumstantial evidence suggests that it was an honour killing case.
According to family members, the accused was cleaning his pistol when accidently the trigger was pressed and a bullet hit Shahida, killing her on the spot.Police say that the victim's parents are trying to save the accused since circumstantial evidence suggests that it was a case of honour killing.