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noun megalopolis, metropolis, metropolitan area, municipality, polis, urban district, urban place, urbs
Associated concepts: city attorney, city council, city court, city districts, city employee, city hall, city limits, city marrhal, city officer, city purpose, municipal corporations
See also: community

CITY, government. A town incorporated by that name. Originally, this word did not signify a town, but a portion of mankind who lived under the same government: what the Romans called civitas, and, the Greeks polis; whence the word politeia, civitas seu reipublicae status et administratio. Toull. Dr. Civ. Fr. 1. 1, t. 1, n. 202; Henrion de Pansey, Pouvoir Municipal, pp. 36, 37.

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The Global Cities 2015 includes two parts-The Global Cities Index (GCI) and the Global Cities Outlook (GCO).
Asian cities are at the center of this urban moment.
Local cities do not like being told what to do,'' Beckman said.
The report explains that spread cities represent the largest proportion of cities between 25,000 and 500,000 in population and have few immigrant residents.
Finally, while we believe that the sprawl of urban areas is leading to loss of forest land, the problem is urban spread, not urban forestry, which helps to bring forest management to cities.
We take big cities for granted today, but they are a relatively recent phenomenon.
Families are grounded in and committed to cities in ways that young singles or retirees are not.
The main city interacts and grows with many smaller cities in the surrounding area, with boundaries between them growing increasingly blurred and forming a new entity," says Yeung.
I said above that all cities aspire to the heavenly city, however far they fall from the perfection of that city.
According to the survey, 153 cities have successfully redeveloped 922 sites, totaling more than 10,500 acres and bringing in $90 million in revenue.
Robert Corcoran, national director of Hope in the Cities, USA, (www.

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