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A process of a participatory democracy that empowers the people to propose legislation and to enact or reject the laws at the polls independent of the lawmaking power of the governing body.

The purpose of an initiative, which is a type of election commenced and carried out by the people, is to permit the electorate to resolve questions where their elected representatives fail to do so or refuse to proceed with a change that the public desires.

See: initial, original, overture, preparatory, rudimentary

INITIATIVE, French law. The name given to the important prerogative given by the charte constitutionelle, art. 16, to the late king to propose through his ministers projects of laws. 1 Toull. n. 39. See Veto.

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Voters have approved about 45 percent of all citizen initiatives and about 75 percent of legislative referrals and bond issues since 1996.
Adopting more descriptive covenants such as this could prove crucial in determining whether or not a citizen initiative limiting the ability to collect, impose, or raise rates has impaired the contract between the issuer and the bondholder.
This week's Citizen Initiative Review panelists have spent the week checked into a downtown Salem hotel that adjoins a conference center where they've met every day.
If you're considering a citizen initiative, don't do it.
The citizen initiative process is probably an easier campaign," Hunt said, "because you don't have to handle the opponents' arguments that this doesn't belong in the constitution.
Accion Microfinance Bank (MfB) has extended the empowerment initiatives to enriching the lives of young Nigerians through education-focused corporate citizen initiatives and has continued to demonstrate this in a variety of projects, comprising the presentation of educational material to schools.
But it also says people's veto questions must go first, followed by citizen initiatives, That means Question 1 on the ballot will be the initiative on whether the state should issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples.
Summary: From communal meals to barter bazaars, thousands of income-hit Greeks are tuning into citizen initiatives in response to the economic crisis gripping the country for a third grueling year.
Citizen initiatives do start from a specific place through the efforts of a group of people, but we plan to expand beyond Limassol," said Pavlou.
Sharon Tennison, the American head of a Moscow-based NGO, the Center for Citizen Initiatives labels criticism as "alarmist", and adds that the new legislation "could cut either way, and it won't become obvious until implementation begins.
Twenty-four states allow citizen initiatives on their ballots, and efforts are underway in Colorado, Florida, Massachusetts and Ohio to adopt redistricting commissions.

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