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Conduct quasi-judicial hearings hearings relating to the enforcement of all city codes presently in force in the city; to issue findings of fact and to issue orders.
My own personal intrigue with sustainable office design began during investigations into city codes that revealed a new code requiring the elimination of formaldehyde and PCBs from carpeting and composite materials used to make cabinetry and millwork.
The city codes are: Abu Dhabi - AUH5 00000 S 1; Dubai - DXBA 00000 S1; Sharjah - SHJ1 00000 S1; Ajman - AJMB 00000 S1; Umm Al Quwain - UAQC 00000 S1; Ras Al Khaimah - RAKN 00000 S1; and Fujairah - FUJS 00000 S1.
City Manager Jim Hock said, The goal of the program is to educate and work with the business owners to comply with the City Codes and assist in providing solutions to maintain property values in the commercial areas.
The various antiquated New York City codes do not adequately address the issue in that they do not provide a standard for the measurement of sound or vibration emanating from one apartment to another, but rather measure ambient noise only, meaning outside noise vs.
Though not presently required by current New York City codes, this practice would be very useful for fire fighting as an additional line of defense or another avenue of escape that is "smoke free.

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