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In 2002 the city cited the company for violating numerous city codes and having no land-use permit.
My own personal intrigue with sustainable office design began during investigations into city codes that revealed a new code requiring the elimination of formaldehyde and PCBs from carpeting and composite materials used to make cabinetry and millwork.
As an owner-occupant, we will maintain the existing beauty of the structure in accordance with historical preservation requirements, city codes, and the principles of sustainable "green" development.
enforcing city codes in Newhall, Caldera came across a trailer that had detached from a pickup truck and was stuck in the train tracks near 13th Street.
The various antiquated New York City codes do not adequately address the issue in that they do not provide a standard for the measurement of sound or vibration emanating from one apartment to another, but rather measure ambient noise only, meaning outside noise vs.
With absolutely no action taken to date, except in the courtroom, the city is now acting within our rights to bring Freedom Hill Amphitheater into compliance with city codes and ordinances for the health, safety and welfare of our residents and all who attend events at Freedom Hill.
Individual city codes are listed in a Code Book, which is available through the Internet and at Information Centers throughout the country.
Who will take the rap when there is a violation of city codes that calls for criminal penalties?
Selected city codes follow: STATE CITY CITY CODE Russia Moscow 095 Ukraine Kiev 044 Byelorussia Minsk 0172 Moldova Kishinev 0422 Uzbekistan Tashkent 3712 Kazakhstan Alma-Ata 3272 Kyrgystan Frunze 3312 Tajikistan Dushambe 3772 Turkmenistan Ashkhabah 36322 Azerbaijan Baku 8922 Armenia Yerevan 8872 Georgia Tbilisi 8832 Lithuania Uilnius 0122 Latvia Riga 0132 Estonia Tallin 0142 -0- 5/19/92 /CONTACT: Anissa Klisch, 404-810-8274 (office) or 404-242-8345 (after hours), or Traci Gentry, 404-810-8282 (office) or 404-841-9758 (after hours), both of AT&T/ (T) CO: American Telephone & Telegraph Company ST: Georgia IN: TLS SU: PDT
The iBasis automatic code translator instantly maps all calls to the new, reorganized region and city codes, simplifying international service to Mexico, and enabling carriers to use The iBasis Network to route calls made using either the current 8-digit format or the new 10-digit format, indefinitely.
Ortiz said the banners, hung in the public right-of-way, do not violate city codes.