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BOROUGH. An incorporated town; so called in the charter. It is less than a city. 1 Mann. & Gran. 1; 39 E. C. L. R. 323.

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The trainings, according to the city government include candle-making with a budget of P64,300; rug mat-making, P73,300; food processing, P217,000; beauty care, P145,300; therapeutic massage, P103,500; flower arrangement, P56,000; and trade fair participation, P40,000.
The city government said the cause of the fire was under investigation.
The city government will carry out the phase-out plan in three steps: Prohibiting imports and sales of incandescent bulbs rated 100W and above beginning June 1 this year, banning imports and sales of incandescent bulbs rated 60W and above beginning June 1 next year and prohibiting imports and sales of the bulbs rated 15W and above beginning Jan.
With the notable exception of the police department, efforts to inculcate diversity in city government have been negligible.
In city government, raises are a given, whether earned or not, and termination is virtually a nonpossibility, no matter how badly deserved.
The Semba Digital Town project started life in July 2000 with the backing of the city government, the UDC, NTT West, the SOHO Association of Japan, Osaka Gas, Kinki METI and several quasi-public agencies.
The facility is owned by the Nagoya city government and has been used since 1982.
Using city government funding or incentives for community-based activities was the most frequently mentioned collaboration strategy, cited by more than two-thirds (70%) of all respondents.
It is hardly any wonder that a nearly decade-long dependence on the city government for flour, coal, wood, and gas bred animosity.
Osaka's city government, through its joint venture, is the single largest investor in the project, with an approximately 25 percent share of the $1.
The Hillsborough County (where Tampa is located) Hotel and Motel Association isn't thrilled at the prospect of having to face a tax-exempt competitor with the city government behind it to cover all losses.
It's not a matter of |us versus them' but of helping city government to remain goal-oriented in providing the best services in a cost-effective way.