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BOROUGH. An incorporated town; so called in the charter. It is less than a city. 1 Mann. & Gran. 1; 39 E. C. L. R. 323.

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He urged the residents to work with the city government in promoting the city through an inclusive and dynamic development that will be brought by the flagship projects.
'Coke partnered with the city government. They came here and they wanted to put something for the parks.
The audit body commended the city government for the efficient allocation of its development fund for various rehabilitation projects.
Starting school year 2020-2021, LGU Kidapawan eyes expansion of the subsidy program to include children enrolled in day care centers, for which the city government plans to earmark an initial of P1.2 million.
He said the city government had required the school to submit the permit of the school to operate issued by CHED as a pre-requisite to the issuance of the business permit.
According to the city government, 500 municipal officials and 400 hired workers raided the spot at 5:20 a.m.
'There is no truth to the 'advisory' that the Alveo Ironman 70.3 Triathlon scheduled on March 24, 2019, in Davao City has been canceled,' the city government said in a new statement issued on Wednesday.
The ties include KCG's long-term and significant ownership, effective control of the bank's board and management, as well as BOK's role as KCG's main banker and policy functions to support the city government's objectives.
He further said that his city government had also launched several other infrastructure projects for Karachi that were put on the back burner soon after new city government was elected.
The JI chief pointed out that thousands of political workers had been recruited in the Karachi city government who were either drawing their salaries while sitting at home or were hiding in Dubai, Africa and other countries while their salaries were regularly being drawn from the public exchequer.
local time and covered an area of about 200 square meters (2,000 square feet), Huangshi city government said in a statement on its website.
Over the next three years until 2015, the city government will expand LED lighting installation sites to include public spaces, marketplaces, guesthouses, hotels, office buildings and factories.