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GLOUCESTER, STATUTE OF. An English statute, passed 6 Edw. I., A. D., 1278; so called, because it was passed at Gloucester. There were other statutes made at Gloucester, which do not bear this name. See stat. 2 Rich. II.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The ship retains links with The Rifles regiment and the city of Gloucester.
Christmas in the Cotswolds for pounds 399pp Escape to the Cotswolds this Christmas and stay at three-star Hatton Court Hotel between the Cathedral city of Gloucester and the famous Spa town of Cheltenham.
The city of Gloucester will serve as the home port for the Neptune project, representing a direct infusion of over $10 million into the local economy over the expected lifespan of the project.
At the epicentre of the current crisis lies the city of Gloucester. It may boast a magnificent cathedral, but dismiss from your minds any mistaken images of Cotswold cosiness.
Individual interviews were conducted with major elected and administrative officials in the former City of Gloucester, the new City of Ottawa, and individuals involved in the transition process.
Hockenhull is matched with S Pomphrey (City of Gloucester) and goes into the four-round clash by a second-round stoppage Tom Murray (Tamworth) at Drayton Manor Park.
Old Hump was originally a wooden war machine used by Charles I to win the city of Gloucester from the Roundheads.
During the 1990s the city of Gloucester was chosen by the EU as one of the traffic experimental centres of Europe.
Address: City of Gloucester, Nine Dale Avenue, Gloucester, MA 01930
First to be hit as fresh rain sweeps from the west will be the cathedral city of Gloucester and neighbouring towns on the swollen River Severn.
One of the surviving ancient woodlands in England, the area in Gloucestershire is bordered by the River Wye to the west, the River Severn to the south and the city of Gloucester to the east.

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