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In chapter 1, Bushlack situates his position within three Catholic social thought (CST) interpretive trends: first, neoconservatives such as Michael Novak and George Weigel either fail to appreciate the role of civic virtue in willing the common good (Novak) or reduce CST to sexual matters (Weigel).
Civic virtue is the development and support the employees show toward organizational policies, organizational commitment and interest in contributing to the organizational success by solving organizational problems, and participating in decision making processes (Ozahin & Sudak, 2015).
Instead we should speak in terms of ordinary civic virtue, which turns out to be promoting charity and encouraging the giving of gifts (broadly conceived).
In other words, in the opinion of the author, both today's post-Vatican II Catholic ecclesiology and the Catholic understanding of civic virtue contain implicit or explicit Thomistic elements.
The Vice President said that the Indian model was of relevance to our globalizing world because in India, an attempt was being made to look beyond the traditional virtue of tolerance and seek acceptance of diversity and adopt it as a civic virtue.
Nurses involved in civic virtue behaviors are engaged throughout the hospital: they attend meetings, required or not, get involved in hospital organizations and functions, and generally work to promote the betterment of the hospital.
Bushlack describes a civic virtue that is perhaps even more about the church than it is about the state.
It added that Quezon's beliefs on the importance of moral and civic virtue are encapsulated in his Code of Citizenship and Ethics.
Characterized by a belief in and understanding of free speech, religious liberty, popular sovereignty, equality, and civic virtue, this mentality was representative of the American Experiment, and citizens dutifully pursued the knowledge necessary for full participation in their newfound democracy.
Lacierda also highlighted Quezon's beliefs on the importance of moral and civic virtue are encapsulated in his Code of Citizenship and Ethics.
Individuals with high civic virtue take an active role in responsibly promoting the success of the organization.
Championing the qualities of politeness and civic virtue, Turnbull advocated that Christianity could be tolerant, morally beneficial, and promote reason.