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Violation or infringement; breach of a statute, contract, or obligation.

The term infraction is frequently used in reference to the violation of a particular statute for which the penalty is minor, such as a parking infraction.


noun breach, breach of faith, breach of law, breach of orders, breach of privilege, breach of prommse, breach of the peace, breach of trust, breaking, crime, default, defiance, defiance of orders, encroachment, evasion of duty, failure, failure of duty, infringement, inobservance, nonobservance, nonobservance of rules, offense, omission, overstepping, refusal to obey, transgression, trespass, violation, violation of law, violation of orrers, wrong
Associated concepts: infraction of rules, infraction of the law, traffic infraction
See also: bad faith, breach, delinquency, disregard, encroachment, illegality, infringement, invasion, misconduct, misdeed, offense, omission, perversion, sedition, transgression, violation, wrong

INFRACTION. The breach of a law or agreement; the violation of a compact. In the French law this is the generic expression to designate all actions which are punishable by the code of France.

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collection of fines and costs for civil infractions.
1, Fitchburg, unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle, civil infraction, responsible, $100 fine; speeding, responsible, $100 fine.
3, Leominster, unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle, amended to a civil infraction, responsible, $100 fine; miscellaneous motor vehicle equipment violation, responsible, $35 fine.
Trespassing charges against four others were decriminalized to a civil infraction by Mr.
In Providence, Rhode Island, Mayor Jorge Elorza, the son of Guatemalan immigrants, said he would continue a longstanding policy of refusing to hold people charged with civil infractions for federal immigration officials.
in Criminology at FSU, Tallahassee, and has since served as a Prosecutor, ensuring the successful and just prosecution of various types of cases including civil infractions resulting in death, misdemeanors, traffic and felonies.
Civil infractions of $50 for the third offense could be levied beginning in 2015, The Seattle Times reports.
Additionally, the plan would seek to apply tougher and more flexible enforcement by establishing non-criminal civil infractions for solid waste violations, calling for civil fines of up to $5,000 for most transport and disposal violations, with a fine of $10,000 for repeat offenders.

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