Civil commotion

CIVIL COMMOTION. Lord Mansfield defines a civil commotion to be "an insurrection of the people for general purposes, though it may not amount to rebellion where there is an usurped power." 2 Marsh. lnsur. 793. In the printed proposals which are considered as making a part of the contract of insurance against fire, it is declared that the insurance company will not make good any loss happening by any civil commotion.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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One morning he assembled the people and the senate of Syracuse, as if he had to discuss with them things relating to the Republic, and at a given signal the soldiers killed all the senators and the richest of the people; these dead, he seized and held the princedom of that city without any civil commotion. And although he was twice routed by the Carthaginians, and ultimately besieged, yet not only was he able to defend his city, but leaving part of his men for its defence, with the others he attacked Africa, and in a short time raised the siege of Syracuse.
These civil commotions were constantly fomented by the monarchs of Blefuscu; and when they were quelled, the exiles always fled for refuge to that empire.
AIR's modeled insured loss estimates do not include losses to uninsured properties or infrastructure; losses from storm surge or landslides; losses to crops, livestock, poultry or autos; hazardous waste cleanup; vandalism or civil commotion; builder's risk; demand surge or other non-modeled losses.
The claims will fall under Strike, Riot, Civil Commotion and Terrorist coverage under the National Insurance Trust Fund, and are expected to be "well within the deductibles of their XL (excess of loss), which they could absorb," he added.
Drug shortages are predicted, and there is fear of civil commotion.
Political violence includes the perils of terrorism, sabotage, malicious damage, strikes, riots and civil commotion all the way up to a full-scale invasion, war, coup d'etat and civil war.
Takaful Home Contents policy will cover accidental losses or damage to home contents due to perils such as fire, explosion, lighting, earthquake, smoke, storm and flood, riots, civil commotion and strike, malicious damage, impact by vehicles, aircraft or aerial devices and burglary.
War Risk insurance is not just about bombs and missiles flying and does not require a formal declaration of war but includes many other perils such as rebellion, insurrection, derelict mines and torpedos strikes, civil commotion, confiscation, restraint and detainment by a ruling power.
WHEN COMPENSATION IS NOT PAYABLE ON A TRAIN | Acts or threats of vandalism or terrorism | Suicides or accidents involving trespassers | Gas leaks or fires in lineside buildings not caused by a train company | Line closures at the request of the police or emergency services | Exceptionally severe weather conditions | Industrial action | Riots or civil commotion | FIre, mechanical or electrical failure or a defect (except where caused by a train company or its trains' defects) WHAT DO THE ANNOUNCEMENTS/ EXCUSES FOR DELAYS MEAN?
"The same insurers often will provide ancillary services, such as contacting the policyholder about the growing risk of civil commotion in a country or an imminent storm that is en route."
As insurance executives confirm, passing interests in the newer lines of business -- whether insurances in case of riots and civil commotion or unrest (which are types of property covers), kidnap and ransom policies, or liability insurance for directors and officers of companies -- are specialties that do not gain more than fleeting demand in Lebanese and regional markets.