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A popular designation of a legal proceeding between two parties in the courts, instituted by one party to compel another to do himself or herself justice, regardless of whether the action is based upon law or Equity.

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n. a common term for a legal action by one person or entity against another person or entity, to be decided in a court of law, sometimes just called a "suit." The legal claims within a lawsuit are called "causes of action." (See: cause of action, case, suit)

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a proceeding in a court of law brought by one party against another.
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"However, people were shocked when they learned that the Cassation Court doesn't accept their cases and considers what was issued by the High Civil Court as final."
"The criminal court system is a drain on the resources of the DCA, whereas the civil court system is paid for by the user - such as business people and people pursuing personal injuries claims.
The civil court, which heard an application from Moorthy's family, ruled that it has no jurisdiction over the matter and referred them to the Sharia court.
But the High Court judges are increasingly delegating to the circuit bench - such as the new Liverpool Civil Court - the resolution of weighty civil disputes, not least in the specialist spheres of chancery mercantile and technical and construction work.
In the past, smaller stores have been reluctant to pursue claims through the civil courts because of the time and cost involved.
Like many Catholics, at the time of the injunction I was incensed by what I saw as an unconscionable intrusion by the civil courts into the internal affairs of the Catholic community.
Civil courts may also order that assets owned by a convicted offender be transferred to the victim up to the value of a restitution order.
HYDERABAD -- Four police constables have been sent to quarter guard for manhandling a lawyer outside civil courts building on Monday.
The Shariah judge today decided to start the trial, even as Ezra is awaiting a decision from the civil courts on his lawsuit challenging his Shariah prosecution.
BAHAWALPUR -- Justice Sardar Shamim Khan, Justice Khalid Mehmood Malik, Justice Ch Mohammad Iqbal and Justice Tariq Iftikhar Ahmad of Bahawalpur Bench of Lahore High Court visited Sessions and Civil Courts on the invitation of District and Sessions Judge Bahawalpur Ch Mohammad Tariq Javed.
The Cabinet directed the office to co-ordinate with departments concerned to review the remaining cases on priority, without prejudice to the right of the injured who do not accept the proposed settlement, to resort to civil courts, and without excluding any criminal liability.
The Ibrox money men have defied both the European and world football governing bodies' statutes after yesterday's move to take their case to the civil courts.