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A popular designation of a legal proceeding between two parties in the courts, instituted by one party to compel another to do himself or herself justice, regardless of whether the action is based upon law or Equity.

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n. a common term for a legal action by one person or entity against another person or entity, to be decided in a court of law, sometimes just called a "suit." The legal claims within a lawsuit are called "causes of action." (See: cause of action, case, suit)

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a proceeding in a court of law brought by one party against another.
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He threatened to harm us if I did not drop my civil lawsuit of Dh11 million against the Russian," he testified to prosecutors.
But the promoter's bad business decision doesn't excuse Lyn Peraldo, a North Carolina mom who paid over $1,000 for four tickets to a Montana show and then filed a civil lawsuit against the online scalper with which she did business.
Jackson, who was initially a plaintiff in the civil lawsuit against the company, later dropped out of the case.
The ruling came nearly a year after UCG was subpoenaed for the information as part of a civil lawsuit. The Funeral Consumers Alliance, which filed an anti-trust lawsuit against three public funeral home companies and a casket supplier, last year subpoenaed Funeral Service Insider, a UCG newsletter.
The best argument for limiting the data to law enforcement is Bloomberg's recent ill-advised use of data to conduct so-called "stings" of out-of-state dealers to create evidence for a civil lawsuit. Bloomberg's publicity stunt interfered with as many as 18 ongoing criminal investigations, possibly imperiling the lives of law enforcement officers, witnesses and law-abiding dealers.--Courtesy NSSF
In a civil lawsuit launched earlier, the Salvation Army claimed that the money was obtained though false invoices for goods and services related to housing and other properties owned by the Army across Canada.
The victims' family filed a civil lawsuit against the driver and settled the case out of court in 2003.
Feldman rejected accusations that he encouraged the criminal action to avoid the costs of preparing a civil lawsuit.
has filed a civil lawsuit seeking $1.8 million in damages in United States District Court Southern District of Florida against 26 people the company alleged were involved in a network of "sham clinics" that used runners and staged accidents to defraud insurance companies.
Mahony in a civil lawsuit involving sex-abuse allegations against priest Oliver O'Grady in the Stockton diocese.
Pinault, who was sold the company's assets by the bank, agreed to pay $185 million into an escrow account pending the resolution of a civil lawsuit brought by California's Insurance Department.
I may be old fashioned, but a lawyer committing perjury to defeat a civil lawsuit where he is the defendant is something that is very wrong.