Civil state

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CIVIL STATE. The union of individual men in civil society under a system of laws and a magistracy, or magistracies, charged with the administration of the laws. It is a fundamental law of the civil state, that no member of it shall undertake to redress or avenge any violation of his rights, by another person, but appeal to the constituted authorities for that purpose, in all cases in which is is possible for him to do so. Hence the citizens are justly considered as being under the safeguard of the law. 1 Toull. n. 201. Vide Self-defence.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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to establish a civil state, but see now what has happened," a senior Sadrist leader and one of Al-Sadr negotiators told Arab News on condition of anonymity.
In a recent debate, some speakers argued that Jewish law is needed as a token of culture; some argued that it is needed to restrain the liberal tendencies of the courts; and others said it is not needed unless one wants to bring about the "destruction of the Third Temple"--that is, the secular civil State of Israel.
Citizens Within a State said in a statement that the resignation exposed the "fragility" of Lebanon's political system, depending as it does on "religious and tribal affiliations that involve neither the citizen nor the state." In order to deal with Lebanon's cyclical crises, the group "declared on behalf of all citizens who adhere to the principle of a civil state" that those in government positions should hold only Lebanese nationality.
They will collaborate with educational administrators under the Civil State Project to support and plan sustainable education development for 3,342 schools nationwide in an initial phase by 2016 and 7,424 schools in every sub-district of the country in the following 3 years (by the end of 2019).
During the last few years the political components, both traditional and Leftists continued raising their voices calling for something vaguely termed 'Civil State' as an alternative to the National Congress Party (NCP) regime that adopts 'Political Islam' which stemmed from the ideology of the global Muslim Brotherhood Movement (MBM).
Abu Dhabi: With several Arab and Muslim countries often struggling to create a civil state, the UAE stands as an example of success, managing to integrate religious tradition and culture with modernity, said a prominent Emirati writer in a lecture delivered on Monday.
Every civil state battles its religion and culture--the West, Christianity and Judaism; the Middle East states, Islam; Russia, the Orthodox Church; China, Confucianism; Israel, Judaism and Islam.
The Ohrid Agreement was the basis for establishing peace but it cannot be a basis for construction of a democratic and civil state. The favoring of the collective rights closes us into an ethnic ghetto and increases our divisions," said Pavle Trajanov.
Previously, various groups have attacked the Constituent Assembly for not adding an article declaring Egypt as a civil state; however, Moussa quickly dismissed these claims, stressing that the he had "constantly clarified that the constitution declares the Egyptian republic as a civil one."
GENEVA, (SANA)- Representative of the Opposition's Coordination Body for Change Powers abroad Haitham Man affirmed that the resolution in Syria stems from basic headlines, based on the principle that Syria is home to all its sons, no place for any occupier, adding "the civil state is a guarantee, but terrorism is rejected." "The current of events indicate that Russia and the US have reached an understanding that the solution to the crisis in Syria is political," Manna said at "the Syrian International Conference" held in Geneva.

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