Civil state

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CIVIL STATE. The union of individual men in civil society under a system of laws and a magistracy, or magistracies, charged with the administration of the laws. It is a fundamental law of the civil state, that no member of it shall undertake to redress or avenge any violation of his rights, by another person, but appeal to the constituted authorities for that purpose, in all cases in which is is possible for him to do so. Hence the citizens are justly considered as being under the safeguard of the law. 1 Toull. n. 201. Vide Self-defence.

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What is needed is a strong centralized state with decentralization to put an end to interference in technicalities of administration, so that Lebanon could be committed to a civil state, and hence neutral to conflicts on all Arab levels," said the Cardinal.
Despite the Muslim Brotherhood group's reassurance of its belief in having civil state, the actual acts and objectives of noted members and its political party (Freedom and Justice Party) indicate the opposite.
The conventional wisdom is that Jefferson's wall represents a universal principle concerning the prudential and constitutional relationship between religion and the civil state.
Referring to the proliferation of nonstate arms, Rai said: "With a strong central civil state capable of preserving rights and equality, there was no need for carrying arms outside the state's armed forces.
Ouda said the project would require cooperation between the three ministries in addition to that of the Civil State Organisation within the Ministry of Interior.
To be sure, confessional laws discouraged civil marriages in Lebanon--and strongly disapproved of mixed Christian-Muslim weddings unless one of the two converted--even if this latest legally binding order may actually be the harbinger of a nascent civil state.
Adherence to the civil state (the state of institutions and law
This was seen in the drafting of the constitution for the next stage and will be felt in the upcoming elections, as they believe that the confrontation will be with the movements of the civil state and the parties calling for it.
We did not speak about Islamic state to oppose what they propose civil state which means no-religious state," he said wondering "why they do not deal honestly and say non-religious?
LONDON: Bahrain's reforms process aims to meet the needs and aspirations of citizens, and build a civil state based on sustainable economic and political foundations, enhancing inter-communal relations, a senior official said yesterday.
TUNIS (TAP) - The State of Qatar paid a forceful tribute to Tunisia for its success in holding free, transparent and credible elections, expressing hope that the Tunisian people will manage to build a modern civil state.

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