Civil War

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Civil War

Civil war exists when two or more opposing parties within a country resort to arms to settle a conflict or when a substantial portion of the population takes up arms against the legitimate government of a country. Within International Law distinctions are drawn between minor conflicts like riots, where order is restored promptly, and full-scale insurrections finding opposing parties in political as well as military control over different areas. When an internal conflict reaches sufficient proportions that the interests of other countries are affected, outside states may recognize a state of insurgency. A recognition of insurgency, whether formal or de facto, indicates that the recognizing state regards the insurgents as proper contestants for legitimate power. Although the precise status of insurgents under international law is not well-defined, recognized insurgents traditionally gain the protection afforded soldiers under international rules of law pertaining to war. A state may also decide to recognize the contending group as a belligerent, a status that invokes more well-defined rights and responsibilities. Once recognized as a belligerent party, that party obtains the rights of a belligerent party in a public war, or war between opposing states. The belligerents stand on a par with the parent state in the conduct and settlement of the conflict. In addition, states recognizing the insurgents as belligerents must assume the duties of neutrality toward the conflict.


U.S. Civil War; War.

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The Al-Tayar Al-Shby denied participating in the demonstration that turned violent, saying it did not want to be dragged into civil strife in a statement on Saturday.
More than a year ago, civil strife was just around the corner in Lebanon.
Its valiant troops are deployed in the most inaccessible part of the country where various armed combatants belonging to various feuding tribal factions were continuously engaged in intense civil strife.
The petroleum sector in Algeria remains insulated from the country's long civil strife, which does not seem likely to end in the near future, though the Islamist militants of the Sunni/Neo-Salafi order are a tiny minority.
We say to all those who are keen to protect Lebanon that we seek agreement among Lebanese groups that would shield the country from the evil power of civil strife into which the Zionists (Israelis) are trying to plunge some Lebanese factions.
In less than two months the people of South Sudan will decide whether they want to form their own state amid fears of an unstable new country plagued with civil strife.
Ali Akbar Velayati, Iranian advisor on international affairs to the Supreme leader of Iran, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, said that accusing Lebanon's Shiite militant group Hizbullah of involvement in the 2005 assassination of former Prime Minister Rafik al-Hariri aims at stirring civil strife in Lebanon, the leftist daily AS SAFIR reported Saturday.
Turkey strongly rejects genocide allegations and regards the events as civil strife in wartime which claimed lives of many Turks and Armenians.
At least three minors were killed and two more were wounded when mortar shell from the past civil strife left in the area detonated early Wednesday morning.
The essays each tackle a different aspect and by mentioning a few we get a flavour of this superb collection: Hobbes and the Aristotelians, his moral philosophy, the natural condition of mankind, the right to punish, civil strife, Hobbes and the concept of representation, the nature of God, religious toleration, the Church of England, and the Bible.
Despite the fact that severe food shortages have often been caused by war and civil strife it has been claimed that if crops were grown to feed people instead of animals, millions would no longer starve.
Saddam Hussein was a ruthless dictator but the American-led invasion and occupation has resulted in the deaths of tens of thousands of innocent civilians and Iraq torn apart by civil strife.

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