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1 a person learned in the civil or Roman law.
2 as an adjective, pertaining to the civil or Roman law.
3 a person not in the armed forces.

CIVILIAN. A doctor, professor, or student of the civil law.

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The UAE backs the United Nations proposal for cessation of military acts for 48 hours to allow delivery of humanitarian assistance to the trapped civilian population, and calls on the international community to give the humanitarian situation in the city a top priority,'' the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation said in a statement today.
The interior ministry officials further testified that Pakistani forces do not target the Indian civilian population, but respond to aggression by targeting Indian security posts.
a) it has the sole purpose of starving the civilian population or denying it other objects essential for its survival; or
In identical letters sentThursdayto the UN Secretary-General, President of the Security Council and President of the General Assembly, on the ongoing Israeli onslaught on Gaza, Mansour stated: "In a blatant contempt for the call reiterated yesterday by the UN Security Council for an immediate ceasefire, Israel, the occupying power, continues its military airstrike attacks against the Gaza Strip, terrorizing the Palestinian civilian population as it wrecks further death, injury and destruction.
The US and international military forces place the highest priority on protecting civilian populations and avoiding injury and loss of life among Afghan civilians," the State Department deputy spokesperson said.
Authority figures failed to consult the civilian population, pressing on with development programmes despite deteriorating security, the report said.
India, too, doesn't have conditions that make it necessary for its civilian population to possess firearms.
AoWe are very close to the end, but there are still threats to the civilian population and as long as these threats persist we will continue with our operation,Ao she said.
The key will be the protection of the civilian population, so when no threat exists against the civilian population then the time will have come to terminate our operation," The Guardian quoted Rasmussen, as saying at the start of the two-day meeting in Brussels, which will include Arab states involved in the campaign.
It was feared the craft could pose a threat to the civilian population of the rebel held coast if left unchecked.
Issuing a press statement on Wednesday, the government also expressed concern about the safety of civilian population and areas in the face of continued air strikes.
In the letter to Justice TE-rkel, lawyer Tamar Feldman, Director of Gisha's Legal Department, asks: Is a policy of a tight and continuing closure of a civilian population of 1.

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