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In the Indonesian island of Bali, on the sidelines of the Alliance of Civilisations Sixth Global Forum, addressing a ministerial meeting of UNAOC friends, he stated that, donation intends to raise the fund as a part of supporting the expansion of UNAOC activities.
The main themes focus on human rapprochement and its effect on the welfare of people and on the concept that civilisations should not conflict with one another.
Over 150 thinkers, media and culture professionals and representatives of various religions and doctrines will take part in the International Inter-Civilization Dialogue themed "Civilisation in the service of Humanity" that aims to promote the values of humanity, dialogue, common understanding between all countries, peoples and civilisation on the basis of mutual amity, respect and shunning hatred.
This new study reflects the current interest in the ancient civilisations of what is now the Near East and on how they affected the development of Western history.
Achcar develops a counter-thesis, namely that the clashes we are witnessing do not oppose civilisations, but their dark sides.