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CONUSANCE, CLAIM OF, English law. This is defined to be an intervention by a third person, demanding judicature in the cause against the plaintiff, who has chosen to commence his action out of claimant's court. 2 Wilson's R. 409.
     2. It is a question of jurisdiction between the two courts Fortesc. R. 157; 5 Vin. Abr. 588; and not between the plaintiff and defendant, as in the case of plea to the jurisdiction, and therefore it must be demanded by the party entitled to conusance, or by his representative, and not by the defendant or his attorney. Id. ibid. A plea to the jurisdiction must be pleaded in person, but a claim of conusance may be made by attorney. 1 Chit. Pl. 403.
     3. There are three sorts of conusance. 1. Tentere placita, which does not oust another court of its jurisdiction, but only creates a concurrent one. 2. Cognitio placitorum, when the plea is commenced in one court, of which conusance belongs to another. 3. A conusance of exclusive jurisdiction; as that no other court shall hold pica, &c. Hard. 509 Bac. Ab. Courts, D.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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What the nature of his claim on her might be seemed less intelligible -- unless it was the claim of a poor relation.
Although the taxpayer made no claim in its original refund claim of a right to amortize engineering expenses, it did claim depreciation on other items, and in the course of the investigation by the Internal Revenue Bureau, the revenue agent concluded that the taxpayer was entitled to such a deduction.
There was also a claim of pounds 1 for a telephone charger adaptor, along with the pounds 4.79 cost of a value kettle over the period.
The more specific and concrete the proof of anticipation is, the stronger the taxpayer's position will be if the claim of privilege is later challenged.
While a debtor's Chapter 11 might offer the promise of continued business, the creditor is still left with an unsecured claim of uncertain collectability.
A release of claim of exemption in a divorce decree must meet the written declaration requirements of section 152(e)(2).
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Although the creditor's claim of $1.1 million was a small fraction of the $3.5 billion in claims asserted against the bankruptcy estate, the court considered that it was not deminimis.
Carriers outsourcing smaller claims--generally those that can be settled for under $10,000 within 90 days and not involving serious injury or litigation--can reap significant benefits, including reduction in cost and outside expense per claim of 20% to 30%; reduction in leakage by more than 5%; reduction in IT costs through the introduction of leading edge technology; improvement in customer satisfaction levels and renewal rates due to reduced cycle times to settlement; and improvement in outcomes due to the introduction of consistent, high-quality processes that support best claim practices.
Also, would a claim of additional E&P for a CFC of $1 that triggers additional foreign tax credits that reduce taxpayers U.S.
The overpayment resulted from Perdue's claim of entitlement to the targeted jobs credit relating to the unprocessed applications.
Still others expressly exclude any claim of reliance on prior oral or written representations that may have been made.