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CLAIMANT. In the courts of admiralty, when the suit is in rem, the cause is entitled in the Dame of the libellant against the thing libelled, as A B v. Ten cases of calico and it preserves that title through the whole progress of the suit.When a person is authorized and admitted to defend the libel, he is called the claimant. The United States v. 1960 bags of coffee; 8 Cranch, R. 398; United States v. The Mars; 8 Cranch, R. 417; 30 hhds. of sugar, (Brentzon, claimant, v. Boyle. 9 Cranch, R. 191.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Concerns were also raised about the claimant's performance over the same period.
The presiding judge, Adenike Akinpelu, ruled in line with the argument of the counsel to the claimant that the case subsist and not yet discontinued.
The government has so far settled claims worth Rs7 billion of 90 sales tax refund claimants out of the 200 exporters who have opened their sub accounts or investor accounts with the CDC.
He advised the claimants to exercise their option for issuance of bonds and provide their CDC accounts to FBR so that they can be accommodated in the next issuance.
Amongst other interim remedies ordered pending trial of the dispute, the DIFC Courts ordered the defendant to reinstate the POA, so the third claimant and the school could continue their operations, as well as to return a number of post-dated cheques that the defendant held as payment for the school's future rent of its property from him.
In denying the Petition, the Court held that the claimant had not met his burden in establishing grounds to vacate the arbitration award.
It concluded that the claimant's violation of a known safety rule was the proximate cause of his injury.
Sarmiento advised all claimants on the final list to open a regular savings account with Land Bank of the Philippines branches that are nearest to them and submit copies of savings transaction information (STI) to the HRVCB by May 9 to ensure full reparation payment.
But the whole deductions system has prompted concerns among MPs and charities over the impact on claimants.
"A Universal Credit claimant may still be sanctioned if they do not have good reason for leaving a zero-hour contract job voluntarily."