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A person appointed or employed to settle or arrange matters that are in dispute; one who determines the amount to be paid on a claim.

An insurance adjuster determines the extent of the insurance company's liability when a claim is submitted. A public adjuster is a self-employed person who is hired by litigants to determine or settle the amount of a claim or debt.

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n. an employee (usually a non-lawyer) of an insurance company or a adjustment firm employed by an insurance company to negotiate an early settlement of a claim for damages against a person, a business or public body (like a city). While a fair and responsible adjuster can serve a real purpose in getting information and evaluating the case for the insurance company, some adjusters try to make a settlement before the injured person has retained an attorney ("don't worry, we'll pay your bills. You don't need an attorney. He'll only confuse things."), get a statement from the injured without counsel, or delay the payout with the promise he/she will negotiate any reasonable demand, and then making an offer of payment that is absurdly low. Some insurance companies try to make the attorney deal with the adjuster which is cheaper than sending the case to defense attorneys. Adjusters also represent the company in approving settlements.

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The tools do not replace the need for a claims adjuster, given their domain knowledge and intellectual rigor.
With all of these challenges, however, many auto claims adjusters find fulfillment in their jobs, especially when they are able to set and achieve goals.
Average Weekly % Change Sector Employees Earnings From a Year Ago Reinsurers $2,508.28 [up arrow] 6.07% Property/Casualty 1,394.77 [up arrow] 1.30 Life/Health Insurers 1,389.96 [up arrow] 1.80 Title Insurers 1,361.83 [up arrow] 20.37 Claims Adjusters 1,207.77 [down arrow] 10.53 Third-Party Administrators 1,179.29 [down arrow] 0.36 Agents and Brokers 1,177.19 [up arrow] 1.45 Source: U.S.
* Claims adjusters who deviate from the industry standard of care documents are unilaterally deciding not to follow the guidance of thousands of reasonable and prudent practitioners who developed the professional standards and guidelines.
Some claims adjusters, those who managed to wade through debris to assess damage, did so at the risk of their own lives, said Jerry Jurgensen, CEO of Nationwide.
agreed to pay $135 million to settle a lawsuit alleging that it failed to pay overtime to 2,600 claims adjusters in California.
Average Weekly % Change Sector Employees Earnings From a Year Ago Reinsurers $2,352.17 [up arrow] 10.26% Title Insurers 1,379.98 [up arrow] 22.87 Property/Casualty 1,351.52 [up arrow] 0.24 Life/Health Insurers 1,351.00 [up arrow] 0.40 Third-Party Administrators 1,143.48 [down arrow] 1.36 Claims Adjusters 1,141.34 [down arrow] 13.24 Agents and Brokers 1,106.80 [up arrow] 1.63 Source: U.S.
Just as claims adjusters have a legitimate complaint about unreasonable case loads, so do claims managers, who often are managing the caseloads of multiple adjusters.
Claims adjusters logging into ContentsExpress can enter claims inventory data, calculate valuations, and adjust and evaluate the claim for settlement, all from a single screen.
What throws claims adjusters off is the lag that occurs between the interruption of manufacturing operations and the drop in sales (or the extra cost of preventing a drop in sales).