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The role she has in mind for the Sherlock actor is that of Jaxon Hall, a clairvoyant gang leader in 2059 London.
Ammons family made contact with churches and clairvoyants and was advised to wash the children with oil, make an altar, place it in the basement, and burn sage and sulphur throughout the entire house.
The capital Sofia is a base for nine legal clairvoyants, followed by the northern town of Veliko Tarnovo, according to the NRA.
The scam is one of a number of cons that have been targeting county residents, with others including received a lottery winners' letter for a competition you hadn't entered or an offer from a mystic clairvoyant to change your fortunes for just a few pounds, then you are one of the many people targeted each week by mass marketing scams.
Coun Richard Hobbs, Warwickshire County Council's community safety boss, said: "If you have received a winner's letter for a competition you didn't enter or an offer from a clairvoyant to change your fortunes for just a few pounds, you are one of the many people targeted by mass marketing scams.
A clairvoyant medium 'sees pictures' in their mind and relays what they see to other people.
Clairvoyants often are cynical people who are in it for the money.
Q I'M four months pregnant and I went with my friend to see a clairvoyant.
I have nothing against clairvoyants because I too have studied the art of clairvoyance.
CLAIRVOYANTS will be forced to admit they have no proof for their claims under new EU laws.
FOUR of the UK's top mediums and clairvoyants will be making their way to Newcastle City Hall in May, for what promises to be an intriguing night of spiritualism.
Clairvoyants Una Pearce and Antoin Reeves, who are both well known in Huddersfield, will be at the Grosvenor Casino from 8.