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Clampers will be forced to have a licence before they can operate and charge release fees.
Tony Fithon from clampers Impact Security Services said: "We could not take the autographs because we act as bailiffs for the landlord.
Cowboy clampers know time is running out before they are legislated against so they are cashing in while they can.
A MAN who immobilised a car while the driver was asleep in the vehicle has been declared the UK's worst clamper.
According to the RAC Foundation, favourite tricks of cowboy clampers include putting up misleading signs, not putting up any signs at all or parking dummy vehicles to fool motorists into thinking that parking is allowed, lying in wait until a motorist leaves a car and then immediately attaching a clamp.
Mr Morgan said: 'I rushed out and there was a gang of clampers and there was an argument among them, some didn't approve of me being clamped.
Ask yourself how you would sleep at night if you were the clamper who immobilised the car of district nurse Virginia Williams, of Queensferry.
Clampers will have to be registered by the industry's trade association, the Security Industry Authority (SIA) but there are no codes of practice or regulations on signs or release fees.
Those employing clampers must also make all reasonable inquiries to show they believe their clampers to be licensed.
The clampers demanded he pay pounds 240 cash within 20 minutes.
The illegal racket is believed to be targeting young drivers who would not have come in contact with legitimate clampers before.
Cowboy clampers who target motorists and demand huge fines for releasing vehicles are being run out of town by changes to the law.