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One road at this carrefour dans un tourbillon in MacDhomhnaill's translation can lead us to Gaelic Scotland's tradition of clanship poetry from a time of huge turmoil for the Highlands and Islands.
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De hecho, es en este periodo cuando se publican obras cumbres de la antropologia, tales como The Nuer de Evans-Pritchard The Dynamics of Clanship Among the Tallensi por Meyer Fortes, y algunos de los volumenes editados mas conocidos como fueron Sistemas africanos de parentesco y matrimonio y Sistemas politicos africanos.
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Large families and clanship have always ensured that anyone down on their luck had a place to stay and a hot meal to eat, especially the elderly.
Accurate maps of tribal, ethnic and clanship boundaries are, of course, helpful.
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The same applies to the patriarchal traditions of clanship and lineage that confined women.
A Santa Clara takes his seasonal orientation and clanship from his parents.
Indeed, a dominant approach in the studies of Chinese overseas is to begin with China as the origin, and interpret Chinese overseas communities in terms of the degree to which they adhere to the politics, culture, kinship, or clanship organization of China (see Pan 1998).