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So there should be no excuse these days for anyone to have burglar alarms that go off at the first clap of thunder or the minute the householder has left the country for a two-week holiday.
The next 200 feet woke me up from my mental gymnastics and literally shocked me into reality A very bright flash, accompanied by the loudest clap of thunder imaginable, shook the jet and the crew out of our state of catatonic bliss.
The movie has its share of tricks, including a time-travel tunnel and the occasional ominous clap of thunder.
Begin by counting the number of seconds between a flash of lightning and the next clap of thunder.
Andre, who has now started a new life in France with his son, told a Sunday newspaper: "As if someone was trying to let me know I was on the right lines, there was a clap of thunder and the skies opened.
Then, in what many supporters construed as a sign from above, there was a flash of lightning and a loud clap of thunder from a gathering storm.
Then, a clap of thunder, the room goes black and when the lights come on the item is gone--it has been stolen by one of the characters.
The article reads: "A brilliant flash of lightning with a terrific clap of thunder immediately followed one of the worst hailstorms in the district, and ushered in a hurricane the like of which has never before been experienced in the district.
online One said: "I heard a big bang - like a clap of thunder so I thought it was just that.
I was privileged to visit Glenn's dressing-room where temporarily only the two of us resided, silent as the grave where you could hear a heartbeat like a clap of thunder.
But as officers tried to help the farmer who owned the cows round them up, another clap of thunder sent the beasts into a panic.
Julie Thomas, who runs theVictoria Inn with her husband Anthony, heard what she thought was a clap of thunder at around 7.