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Raindrops THE pitter-patter of the rain Bouncing off my windowsill Splashing on my window Making such a din The sky is dark and overcast Filled with menacing clouds Suddenly a clap of thunder That sounded very loud The rain now heavier As it crashes off the ground A flash of lighting Cuts through the clouds A path of light against the dark sky More thunder rattles nearby Will the storm blow over?
Dazzling sunshine to stinging hailstones in a matter of minutes, then a light flurry of snow and clap of thunder to top it off.
Suddenly there was a huge clap of thunder and I felt a huge shock down my arm and found myself flat on the ground.
A deafening clap of thunder made me drop the chair.
The sky just went really black and we had this massive clap of thunder," said Meredith Sullivan, a 48-year-old worker at the industrial park.
The silence was a clap of thunder on a cloudless day.
Highlights include Prem Sahib's inaccessible disco and Hannah Rickards' Thunder, a clap of thunder that has been stretched in duration and aurally dissected, recreated by musicians and morphed back into a thunderclap.
It lashes out with a thunderbolt, knocking him away amidst a clap of thunder.
Michel said she was pleased by the unexpected weather, which allowed for well-attended services at the Upper Common, Lower Common and at Woodlawn Cemetery, where those attending were given a bit of a start when a loud clap of thunder was heard as the parade entered the cemetery.
Homeowners said the black-out followed a loud clap of thunder and lightening strike.
I was at home and I heard something like a clap of thunder, It was very loud and there was lots of smoke," said 62-year-old Maria Teresa Ramos, who lived just metres from where the accident happened.