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Those who didn't make the top 50 greatest stars included Douglas Fairbanks, Ronald Colman, Rudolph Valentino, Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy, Harold Lloyd, Sir Alec Guinness, Mickey Rooney, Fredric March, Doris Day, Loretta Young, Olivia de Havilland, Bob Hope, Will Rogers, Lon Chaney, Boris Karloff, Bela Lugosi, Clara Bow, Gloria Swanson and Tom Mix.
Start with a Busby Berkeley production number, throw in a Latin spitfire, ``It'' Girl Clara Bow, some science-fiction and a Depression-era hit, package it all in three of Los Angeles' most famous vintage theaters and you've got this year's version of the Los Angeles Conservancy's ``Last Remaining Seats.
He tells me that the actress who was visited by her number one fan Al Capone (and his 24 bodyguards) at her studio, refusing to take no for an answer, was the lovely Clara Bow.
We old timer cinema-goers know that Clara Bow was the original 'Oomph Girl'.
Silent screen legend Clara Bow and her husband, Western movie actor Rex Bell, were the maid of honor and best man.
To stud at 4 years and dam of: Oyster Catcher (1996 f by Bluebird; Listed winner, Gr3-placed), Lady Windermere (1997 f by Lake Coniston; unraced; dam of Listed winner Absolutelyfabulous), Sequoyah (1998 f by Sadler's Wells; Gr1 winner; dam of Gr2 winner Henrythenavigator and Gr3 winner Queen Cleopatra), Tu Eres Mi Amore (2001 f by Sadler's Wells; unplaced), Clara Bow (2002 f by Sadler's Wells; winner), Brigids Cross (2003 f by Sadler's Wells; unraced), Listen (2005 f by Sadler's Wells; Gr1 winner).
His leading lady Clara Bow took it well on the set of Wings (1927).
Hollywood stars were fallible and it was scandal which brought down many top actresses such as Clara Bow and Louise Brooks.
Goodbye ``It Girl'' Clara Bow and the lustful Mae West; hello Donna Reed and Doris Day.
Walt Disney, George Burns, Gracie Allen, Jeanette MacDonald, Clara Bow, James Stewart, Theda Bara, W.
They include silent stars Clara Bow and Theda Bara and King Kong actress Fay Wray.
Clara Bow, the original 'It' girl, was hopelessly in love with him as were Lupe Velez, the Mexican firecracker, Marlene Dietrich, Carole Lombard, Ingrid Bergman, Tallulah Bankhead, Grace Kelly and Anita Ekberg.