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For example, half the students in applied math courses and 23% in academic math courses reported not knowing if their teachers were going to count some or all parts of the large-scale assessment as part of their class mark. Student absenteeism or lateness does not seem to explain this result.
Furthermore, Brinzing created a dedicated class mark (Mus.
And 93% of the students achieved above first class marks in Science Stream and 48% of commerce students scored above first class.
Similarly, out of 1297 candidates who appeared in the LLB Part-III Examinations, 147 have been declared pass with first class marks and 446 candidates have obtained second class marks in the examinations.
A total of 1244 candidates were appeared in the examination of L.L.B Part-III of them 263 candidates have secured first class marks, 696 candidates have bagged second class marks, while 218 candidates were declared fail and the results of 58 candidates have been withheld for various reasons.
have been declared with first class marks, 4958 cleared their subjects
Then [X.sup.(0).sub.1] and [X.sup.(0).sub.2] combine to form a set, as initial class marks [X.sup.(1).sub.1]; if the set's internal similarity is less than any class' object lower similarity limit b.
Our fall 2003 freshmen class marked the ninth consecutive class with test scores and grades above the state, Southern region and national average.
Also, in comparing this years' final results with last years', when the prerequisites tests were not implemented, the average class marks increased by more than 3 0%, and the distribution of grades noticeably increased.
The world record for assembling and taking down three-six-three combination is a mind-boggling 2.7 seconds, but many students compete amongst themselves to set more realistic class marks.
"While in one roll number, they had failed, in another they were declared successful with first class marks," said Patna's senior superintendent of police Manu Maharaj who heads the SIT.
According to an announcement, a total of 10431 male and female candidates were appeared in the examinations of the 465 candidates have been declared pass with first class marks, 7490 candidates obtained second class marks while 353 candidates have been declared pass with third class marks.