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n. in legal (not sociological) terms, all those persons in the same category, level of rights (e.g. heirs of dead person who are related by the same degree), or who have suffered from the same incident. Whether a person is part of a class is often crucial in determining who can sue on behalf of the people who have been similarly damaged or collect his/her share if a class action judgment is given. (See: class action)

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CLASS. The order according to which are arranged or distributed, or are supposed to be arranged or distributed, divers persons or things; thus we say, a class of legatees.
     2. When a legacy is given to a class of individuals, all who answer the description at the time the will takes effect, are entitled; and though the expression be in the plural, yet if there be but one, he shall take the whole. 3 M'Cord, Ch. R. 440.
     3. When a bond is given to a class of persons, it is good, and all composing that class are entitled to sue upon it; but if the obligor be a member of such class, the bond is void, because a man cannot be obligor and obligee at the same time; as, if a bond be given to the justices of the county court, and at the time the obligor is himself one of said justices. 3 Dev. 284, 287,289; 4 Dev. 882.
     4. When a charge is made against a class of society, a profession, an order or body of men, and cannot possibly import a personal application to private injury, no action lies; but if any one of the class have sustained special damages in consequence of such charge, he may maintain an action. 17 Wend. 52, 23, 186. See 12 John. 475. When the charge is against one of a class, without designating which, no action lies; as, where three persons had been examined as witnesses, and the defendant said in addressing himself to them, "one of you three is perjured." 1 Roll. Ab. 81; Cro. Jac. 107; 16 Pick. 132.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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In situations where elements are described by one or more attribute variables (also called predictive attributes or features) and by a single class variable, which is the variable under study, classification trees can be used to predict the class value of an element by considering its attribute values.
As analyzed above, in a Bayesian network for incident detection, the class variable INC must get links to all attribute variables.
1 shows a diagram of the regression mixture model in equations (1) and (2) with observed variables in squares and the latent class variable in a circle.
The fact that, for girls, the latent class variable did not significantly moderate the regression coefficient for fathers' support suggests that, although these classes are identifiable for girls and distinct with regard to personality, mothering, and fathering, the unique effects of fathering on social initiative do not differ across these groups.
Latent classes are conditioned on gender and baseline CBCL at both time points, and the transition probabilities are estimates through the path from the latent class variable at time 1 to the latent class variable at time 2 (18 months later).
Two numbers separated by a comma were used to express the degree of freedom of each class variable in the GLM model.
His analysis, studying European voting patterns form 1975 to 1997, relies on a five-category class variable for discovering correlations between social class and support for socialist versus non- socialist parties.
To test whether the differences in standardized beta weights were statistically significant, we performed an unbalanced ANOVA in which the standardized beta weights for the second-level outcomes were dependent variables and the student group was the independent class variable. This analysis indicated statistically significant differences across individuals fr om different groups regarding the motivational influence of GPA (p < .05), EST (p < .0001) and SAT (p < .05).
In our case, where the interest is to predict cultural background (the country), which is represented by a single variable with three values, the natural method to use is (Bayesian) classification analysis, where the class variable (in our case, the country) is predicted with other variables (in our case, the answers to the assertions in the questionnaire).
Conway and Roberts argue that the coefficient on the protected class variable in the reverse regression approach is a clear indicator of employer "shunting", the practice of placing class members into lower job levels than their qualifications would otherwise dictate.
For the metropolitan area, the population size class variable is used to designate self-representing sampling units (areas which have a large enough population to be selected for the sample with certainty) and nonself-representing sampling units (areas which are randomly selected to represent themselves as well as other metropolitan areas not selected for the sample).