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Furthermore, a classical argument against quotas is that forcing businesses to hire women or political parties to nominate women deprives women of the chance to prove themselves and that they could have earned these positions through their own capacity.
While Schroeder's version of the Classical Argument concerns what it is to have a reason and not which action is rational, it can be straightforwardly extended to deliver a Humean account of rationality.
A simple classical argument says that a pair of atoms has a narrow range of internuclear separations at which the photoassociation process can be driven to take place.
Ortner's classical argument from 1974 ("Is Female to Male as Nature is to Culture?
The classical argument for evaluation using experiments with randomly assigned treatments is generally attributed to Fisher (1935) and could be phrased as follows:
That's the classical argument, that everything is resource-dependent," explains Rolf O.
He also could have recognized the validity of Marshall's restatement of the classical argument that high interest rates and limited growth are due to insufficient saving.
Although Walton refers to Aristotle's Rhetoric, Sophistical Refutations, and Analytics, a student of classical argument might wish he had applied the distinctions developed in these works when explaining audience-based discourse, which he treats in chapter 3 on ad populum appeals.
They argue that the classical arguments for this coming from Perry are in fact arguments for a different phenomenon: the opacity of explanatory contexts.
Chapter 11 is entitled, "The Classical Arguments Defeated.
Chronological sections explore classical arguments for laissez-faire, critics of laissez-faire, the restatement of laissez-faire, and the modern political economy of laissez-faire.
Classical arguments for free trade are also less relevant: a country that grants foreign drug companies longer patent protection is raising prices for its own consumers, and more restrictive labor laws erode its competitive advantage of cheap labor.

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