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To the contrary, the negative consequences of AIPAC's possession of this particular classified document grow more obvious and disturbing every year.
The charges she ultimately faced, and the charges that Khorramshahi and co-council Saleh Nikbakht said got Saberi arrested in the first place, stemmed from her possession of a 2003 classified document on U.
The IG found that Gonzales had also mishandled 17 other highly classified documents on electronic surveillance and detainee interrogation programs by storing them in his office safe, which could be opened by aides who were not authorized to see them.
According to standing directives, the storage of a classified document on a non-classified system would necessitate the need for the agency to "wipe" the disk of that system, losing all information on it and bringing any number of network applications--and their users to a grinding halt.
According to the indictment, Drake, 52, was a high-ranking NSA employee from 2001 through 2008, where he had access to highly classified documents and information.
Contract notice: "A" and the production and purchase of services related security documents classified document security category "b".
Branko Cvenkovski, SDSM leader and head of state at the time, revealed this classified document in the show XO on Kanal 5 TV Monday.
Army at Al Taqqadam Air Base, the defendant downloaded a classified document and took hard copies of several other classified documents.
The purists contend that if a classified document is lost, the information contained in the document must be considered as compromised (disclosed to unauthorized persons), unless it can be proven otherwise.
Experts explained the price of the helicopters was a classified document with a degree of state secrecy and every revelation of details from it was subject to sanctions by the law.
Special Branch detectives wanted to question him over the leak of the classified document on links between Saddam Hussein and al-Qaeda.
The Air Self-Defense Force (ASDF) shredded or threw out a classified document about a radar installation apparently due to sloppy information control, the Defense Agency said Thursday.

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