rebus sic stantibus

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Rebus Sic Stantibus

[Latin, At this point of affairs; in these circumstances.] A tacit condition attached to all treaties to the effect that they will no longer be binding as soon as the state of facts and conditions upon which they were based changes to a substantial degree.

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rebus sic stantibus

‘in these circumstance’, in public international law the doctrine that considers a treaty as being no longer obligatory if there is a material change in circumstances.
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The most promising basis for an expulsion right under the Vienna Convention lies in the so-called clausula rebus sic stantibus, (162) According to this principle, codified in Article 62 of the Convention, a fundamental change in the circumstances underlying a treaty may sometimes justify the suspension or termination of the treaty.
Le texte de Cicero constitue l'un des points de depart de la doctrine de la clausula rebus sic stantibus. Celle-ci prevoit que tout contrat conclu est sujet a une condition tacite selon laquelle les circonstances fondamentales, a base desquelles le contrat a ete conclu, n'auront pas change.