Clear Title

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Clear Title

Unencumbered or unrestricted legal ownership that is free from doubt as to its validity.

The phrase implies that ownership is not subject to claims by anyone but the person holding title. It is also called marketable title, or title that can be easily transferred or sold because of its lack of encumbrances.

West's Encyclopedia of American Law, edition 2. Copyright 2008 The Gale Group, Inc. All rights reserved.

clear title

n. holding ownership of real property without any claims by others on the owner's title and no history of past claims which might affect the ownership. (See: cloud on title)

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All DRC concessions were obtained as either new grants or through reputable DRC partners and have clean title. Bankers has an experienced management team operating in the southern CopperBelt of the DRC and Namibia.
Did his due diligence extend to asking the seller if he had a clean title to sell it?
Both loans were for 12-24 months and were closed within days of a clean title report.
That presented OFTI with a problem: it had promised to give ST Paper clean title to the mill, but with the reduced financing it would be unable to pay off everyone who held a security interest.
It offers services to process and sell salvage and clean title vehicles and sells vehicles for insurance companies, banks, finance companies, charities, fleet operators, dealers and also those sourced from individual owners.
Based on the MI policies, in order for the insured to submit a claim, it must show clean title to the property and must have relevant mortgage documentation.
For instance, there are cars available at an auction such as a 2018 RAM 1500 Pickup that had obviously been in a serious accident and hadn't been repaired yet but still carried a clean title. It's enough to make repairs, give the car a new coat of paint and resell it at full Blue Book value to an unsuspecting buyer.
Joseph had denied this, saying that a judicial sale would provide buyers with a clean title to the vessel.
Title clarity: A clean title is a must for the hassle-free future transactions or development of the purchased asset.
He said that it was not just NAB that gave him Mr Clean title but Imran Khan also declared him clean.
Hosing finance offered in Pakistan is paltry because of the multiple reasons that include absence of clean title, the embargo on the transfer of ownership and on top of all highly inadequate amounts disbursed by the financial institution.