Clear Title

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Clear Title

Unencumbered or unrestricted legal ownership that is free from doubt as to its validity.

The phrase implies that ownership is not subject to claims by anyone but the person holding title. It is also called marketable title, or title that can be easily transferred or sold because of its lack of encumbrances.

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clear title

n. holding ownership of real property without any claims by others on the owner's title and no history of past claims which might affect the ownership. (See: cloud on title)

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The other factors hindering the growth were absence of clean titles, restrictive building codes, problematic construction regulations and involvement of multiple entities adding costs and delays to the construction and property development projects.
A document obtained by the Inquirer showed that the agency had 441 lots, 283 of which had clean titles, 28 with missing titles but were named under the NFA, and 130 with ownership issues.
'I suppose that LBP proposed the issuance of an EO for the conversion of CLOAs into [individual] certificates of title so that banks would be more comfortable in extending credit to farmers who could present clean titles to secure farm loans,' the source said in a text message.
The PM was informed that at least two years would be required to ensure clean titles of land, provision of gas and electricity and guarantee security for establishing and making three prioritised zones operational, officials told The Express Tribune.