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Flexo Wash, Louisville, KY, USA, displayed several new products including the new FW Handy XL, a narrow web anilox cleaner, and the new PK EZ Clean Plate & Parts Washer, both designed for entry level, narrow web flexo printers.
Telling a child he has a moral duty to leave a clean plate is unlikely to motivate a two year-old into finishing his dinner.
The portions we ate were small, and the message at the table was to enjoy what's on your plate and, when you are full, stop (there's no Le Clean Plate Club in France).
Always place cooked burgers on a clean plate - never on an unwashed plate that has held raw burgers.
Coat both side of the cutlets with the marinade, then place on a clean plate, cover with clingfilm and leave for one hour.
Diners should return several times with a clean plate to give each course a chance.
Uncover; drain off excess liquid or transfer scallops to a clean plate.
An increasing amount of research suggests that some people use visual indications such as a clean plate or bottom of a bowl to tell them when to stop eating," he added.
Put them onto a clean plate also dusted with a little flour.
His pizza base was crisp with generous amounts of topping, the clean plate a tribute to the quality of the food.