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Uncover; drain off excess liquid or transfer scallops to a clean plate.
Transfer the quesadilla to a clean plate and let cool slightly, then cut into serving pieces and serve.
An increasing amount of research suggests that some people use visual indications such as a clean plate or bottom of a bowl to tell them when to stop eating," he added.
To serve, place tart on a clean plate and dust with icing sugar.
Flexo Wash, is displaying several new products including the new FW Handy XL, a narrow web anilox cleaner and the new PK EZ Clean Plate & Parts Washer, both designed for entry level, narrow web flexo printers.
Telling a child he has a moral duty to leave a clean plate is unlikely to motivate a two year-old into finishing his dinner.
Main: Adam Moran, aka Beard Meats Food, with the Ox and Bone's |Widowmaker hotdog and, above, with his clean plate and time picture
Remove the pork from the pan and transfer to a clean plate.
The base was crisp with generous amounts of topping and the clean plate was a tribute to the quality of the food served.