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People are encouraged to register their own clean-ups on the Keep Wales Tidy website, where they can also download free resources to help them plan and promote their event.
He organised daily beach clean-ups with the help of a team of volunteers and officials from the SCE.
He said the last three clean-ups had resulted in a reduction of 900kg last month from 1.
There is still a lot of work that needs to be done to define what we need to do, but I should point out that the degree of clean-up needed at the property is also a function of the land use planned for the future," said Miner.
The unique coverage supplements a normal homeowner's policy and covers the risk presented by oil leaks and clean-ups.
For nearly five years, IDEM has been working on a new program for cleaning up contaminated properties that would make the nature (and therefore the cost) of the clean-up dependent upon the amount of risk posed by the contamination at the site.
In other words, we want to make sure the regulations neither discourage voluntary clean-ups, nor force clean-ups not necessary to protect human health and the environment.
Flyers are distributed before each clean-up notifying residents of the project scheduled in their area.
There, the costs of decisions are spread over an entire population, while the benefits from pursuing pristine clean-ups are enjoyed by those few near a particular site.
Information about ACT, which includes comprehensive reports and many photographs of every Clean-up, can be found on our Facebook Page: https://www.
Ian Burton, housing manager for the estate said: "The clean-up day helped to remove tonnes of rubbish from homes and gardens and we were delighted that people of all ages on the estate took part.
During the summer, Morrison is holding a series of Big Tidy Up events and has already completed three clean-ups, clearing more than 120 bags of rubbish from roads and parks around the country.