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He organised daily beach clean-ups with the help of a team of volunteers and officials from the SCE.
He said the last three clean-ups had resulted in a reduction of 900kg last month from 1.
However, because IDEM's existing Voluntary Remediation Program has historically been administered with great flexibility and IDEM representatives claim to be utilizing some aspects of the "draft" RISC program already, businesses conducting voluntary clean-ups should be able to take advantage of the concept behind risk-based clean-ups, even if the program is not formally adopted.
To find out about future clean-ups, call 0191 433 8888.
About 250 people were expected to help pick up litter and clear a vacant lot on Foothill Boulevard from Briggs to Lowell avenues for the 10th Annual Foothill Community Clean-up Day.
Ceri Hughes, a group member of more than two years, said, despite the regular early starts, the river clean-ups provided plenty of motivation to the group's many volunteers.
The most relevant answer to K Collinson is the fact that we actually organise and participate in volunteer clean-ups in the Newsome ward every year as well as simply asking Kirklees to do it.
In Ras Al Khaimah, an underwater clean-up will be arranged by Arabian Diver dive club.
We're organising the clean-ups, removing litter and making the station so much better for people travelling by train.
There will be daily clean-ups, housing advice and welfare rights surgeries, home fire safety checks and free dog micro-chipping.
Coupled with the chance that vapors from groundwater could seep up through the soil, the higher risk of TCE contamination means EPA and state officials may have to revisit old groundwater clean-up projects.
Edinburgh's Coastal Clean-Up comes weeks after the beaches at Cramond were branded the country's dirtiest.