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Free from doubt, burden, or obstacle; without limitation; plain or unencumbered.

The term is used to mean unambiguous or definitive and has various applications. For example, a clear intent to make a gift means that there is no doubt that the donor had the intent to relinquish all dominion and control over the property.

Clear and convincing proof is evidence that establishes a firm belief in a person's mind that a fact much more likely than not exists.

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Also, under the terms of the Indenture, dated as of December 8, 2010, by and among Clearwire Communications LLC, Clearwire Finance, Inc., the guarantors named therein and Wilmington Trust, National Association, as trustee (the "8.25% notes Indenture), the transaction constitutes a Fundamental Change for the purposes of the 8.25% notes Indenture with an Effective Date of July 9, 2013.
Clearwire said in its SEC filing that it would evaluate the proposal and discuss it with "Party J" and Sprint.
Clearwire, in a statement, said it is in "discussions with Sprint regarding a potential strategic transaction." A committee of Clearwire's board of directors is reviewing the offer, the company said.
Clearwire Corporation (NASDAQ:CLWR), through its operating subsidiaries, is a leading provider of 4G wireless broadband services covering more than 130 million people in the U.S.
Clearwire will retain the ownership of all network assets and responsibility for future technology and strategy decisions.
"Although Clearwire is initiating several cost-reduction measures," said Standard & Poor's credit analyst Allyn Arden, "we still expect that its cash balances will reach dangerously low levels in early 2011 given its substantial capital requirements and operating losses to support the network deployment."
Geza Degall, vice president of real estate for Clearwire, said "The company is thrilled with the reception we have received from our roll-out in Philadelphia and DCs.
Clearwire claims that its customers with 4G can access the Internet four times faster than those with 3G.
Clearwire tapped Northwest Atlantic about six months ago because of the brokerage's existing relationships with other companies based in Washington state, such as Starbucks and Costco, which it represents in New York, Firestein said.
Clearwire will provide WiMAX USB Modems for USD49.99.
"Anchorage now has a better choice for broadband Internet service that's simple, flexible and affordable," said Michael Wilson, Clearwire's general manager for Anchorage.