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With a vision to create a dynamic and successful digital marketing agency, Oliver Yeates, a graduate from the University of Chester, founded Clicky Media in 2007.
His glasses were thick and clicky, with different lenses to adjust, depending on the object in his field of vision: one click and all Jews glowed green, two clicks and expensive items burned bright red, three clicks and the hiding places and secret passageways emerged, blackish-blue like an x-ray.
I can say the clicky, nasal sounds of the compact, hands free calls are great for all-around grunts.
But even heavier snoring than usual and a weird clicky throaty noise they make because only one nostril is working.
WEST BROOKFIELD -- It's that time again, when the frost is on the pumpkin and wild turkeys strut the landscape, gleaning sustenance from local fields and gardens, providing entertainment with their handsome appearance, goofy walk and clicky, squawky conversations.
Flexico's Clicky Zip bags meet consumer needs on many levels.
And there are the texters who are too stupid to nd the setting that knocks o" the irritating clicky sound their phones make when they type.
In Saudi Arabia is has a 95% market share according to data collected by Clicky Web Analytics and in Egypt as much as 97%.
This delightful aperitif had a clicky castanet feel created by synchronised pizzicato and staccato playing and the final tutti flourish left me wanting more.
Making proggy, clicky or hooky mats, which many a neighbour would warmly admire.
Silhouette shooting, such as steel chickens and pigs, was another example of big hold offs being required and often achieved by the use of rail-type sights and big clicky thing adjustments on both the front and rear of the sight.