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Being on the receiving end of someone and their clicky tongue is enough to tip you over the edge of sanity, sometimes.
We can use wonderful adjectives to describe the staccato sound we are after: heavy, light, bouncy, cool, spicy, ethereal, dry, juicy, plump, clicky, clingy, thick, thin and so on.
And if you can get past the completely avant-pretentious misstep of the blippy, clicky "Snowflake," you'll enjoy hearing bossa nova get a flattering Aluminum brushing with "Colored Town.
Sir, - When my PC computer was returned to me - following an upgrade and a fix - my incomparable supplier inadvertently swapped my lovely clicky clearly displayed Cherry keyboard for an unreadable spongy (though well angled and compact) device.
Clicky, Digital Forest, Nedstat, VisiStat, Fireclick, Bango, Yahoo Analytics, Piwik, AWStats, CrawlTrack, Webalizer and W3Perl.
Resealable options such as our new Zipgripe Clicky have a tactile feel and a satisfying 'click' on closure, making them aesthetically appealing as well as practical.
A word of warning, love, I wouldn't take refuge in EastEnders with Max Branning on the prowl, although at least you'd hear him creeping up behind you with his incredibly clicky shoes.
From the strength of its title track, whose squelchy synths, clicky beats and disquieting stabs of brass streamed online recently, this new album would seem to have a very different sound from its predecessor's largely unadorned piano-led tracks.
This all-in-one tan, tint, primer and anti-ageing cream even comes in a clicky pen version, so you can whisk it over your face without fear of orange fingers.
Only time will tell, but yesterday was another opportunity for Villa to continue to ruin the clicky party at the top of the Premier League.