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Two large rivers, which take their rise in mountains two or three hundred miles to the east, and run through a country unsurpassed for soil and climate, empty themselves into the harbor.
It respects space and time, climate, want, sleep, the law of polarity, growth and death.
Then climate is a great impediment to idle persons; we often resolve to give up the care of the weather, but still we regard the clouds and the rain.
Health, bread, climate, social position, have their importance, and he will give them their due.
Habit also has a deciding influence, as in the period of flowering with plants when transported from one climate to another.
However, from our study of the Holocene and earlier interglacial climates it is possible to infer the climatic results of the continuing interplay between the changing astronomical position of the Earth, solar irradiance variations and episodic volcanic activity.
Warm climates cannot be maintained without greenhouse gases to block outgoing radiation.
For example, migration routes of species that live or pass through the region could be altered, and creatures could be exposed to diseases that now afflict their relatives in more-temperate climates.
Therefore, one way to address school violence is to create a safe school climate, Because of their knowledge, skills, and education, school counselors are uniquely positioned to institute the development of safe climates in schools and can serve as advocates for school change.
Temperate climates appeared to spare most of Europe from increased risk, and socioeconomic conditions protected most of the southern United States.

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