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So I abandoned the Snark voyage and sought a cooler climate.
It has often been assumed that man has chosen for domestication animals and plants having an extraordinary inherent tendency to vary, and likewise to withstand diverse climates.
Both of them bear to the evergreen vegetation of these climates the same kind of relation which laurels and hollies in England do to the lighter green of the deciduous trees.
When he sees a folded and sealed scrap of paper float round the globe in a pine ship and come safe to the eye for which it was written, amidst a swarming population, let him likewise feel the admonition to integrate his being across all these distracting forces, and keep a slender human word among the storms, distances and accidents that drive us hither and thither, and, by persistency, make the paltry force of one man reappear to redeem its pledge after months and years in the most distant climates.
For the present let me defer this subject, and say a word or two about the climate and houses in our country.
It is this genial climate which causes the cocoanuts to flourish as they do.
In short, the whole district is hourly exhibiting how much can be done, in even a rugged country and with a severe climate, under the dominion of mild laws, and where every man feels a direct interest in the prosperity of a commonwealth of which he knows himself to form a part.
At that moment Anna Pavlovna came up and, looking severely at Pierre, asked the Italian how he stood Russian climate.
From the interior came Indians with subtle poisons, naked bodies, and painted idols; from the sea came vengeful Spaniards and rapacious Portuguese; exposed to all these enemies (though the climate proved wonderfully kind and the earth abundant) the English dwindled away and all but disappeared.
This cursed climate has sapped it all out of them, I reckon.
I am afraid, though, the Solomons is not a white man's climate.
But I am quite confident he could never have survived that terrible climate.

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