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The judges were impressed by the climbing rope staircase
With CRAGear--short for Creative Recycled Adventure Gear--he has since expanded into cards and envelopes made from old world Atlases, bracelets made from retired climbing rope, and coat racks made from recycled wood pallets.
The games will be designed to involve both those with and without disabilities and can be anything from completing giant jigsaw puzzles and climbing rope mazes to blindfolded orienteering and giant croquet.
Some of the suggested frills--such as a hot tub and climbing rope topped with a candy jar--remained out of reach, however.
Woolcock's body was found semi-nude hanging in the dining room from a climbing rope.
I had to crawl across with a climbing rope and pull the horse across the river.
3) Climbing rope is looped through a belay device, seen here on guide Pat Dennis.
His legs got caught in his climbing rope and he was pinned against the cliff face on Friday afternoon.
Pa immediately began rigging up a climbing rope for the children.
Designed for the active young father (Honda refers to this mythical buyer as the "cool dad"), the unibody SUT has a four-panel skylight, integrated lights and speakers in the cargo bed, storage bins made with climbing rope, and Mag-Lite flashlights integrated into the front door bins.
Contrary to popular belief, the leader does not hook the end of a climbing rope on to a giant grappling hook, only to hurl - with super human strength - the hook to the top of a 1,000-foot cliff.
Willow and Freddie Ward on a climbing rope, above left, and some of the equipment in Albert Park PETER REIMANN