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First, Dad used a powerful slingshot to get my climbing rope almost to the top of the maple, and I used a metal gizmo called an ascender to go up.
U-TURN Like a climbing rope, DNA is a floppy filament when considered at lengths that are long compared with its thickness.
He had a climbing rope and harness to climb trees and cliffs to reach nests.
The games will be designed to involve both those with and without disabilities and can be anything from completing giant jigsaw puzzles and climbing rope mazes to blindfolded orienteering and giant croquet.
Woolcock's body was found semi-nude hanging in the dining room from a climbing rope.
I had to crawl across with a climbing rope and pull the horse across the river.
3) Climbing rope is looped through a belay device, seen here on guide Pat Dennis.
His legs got caught in his climbing rope and he was pinned against the cliff face on Friday afternoon.
Designed for the active young father (Honda refers to this mythical buyer as the "cool dad"), the unibody SUT has a four-panel skylight, integrated lights and speakers in the cargo bed, storage bins made with climbing rope, and Mag-Lite flashlights integrated into the front door bins.
When Matthew was small, I let him boldly go to the very top of every climbing rope and hurtle down snow-covered hills on a tea tray.
The gym, which is located in the back of their office suite, includes a flat bench, an adjustable bench, a rack of dumbbells ranging from 20 to 55 lbs, kettlebells ranging from 25 to 40 lbs, an Olympic style squat rack, various medicine balls, TRX workout bands, and a climbing rope.
He said experts in the area had said Mr Allison had acted correctly in attaching his climbing rope to a tree.