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SOUL man Peyton, who releases his debut single I'll Rise in August, decided he was going to head for warmer climes after arriving at the mud bath.
So, when Hawken heard Uxbridge (40 kilometres northeast of Toronto) was trying to limit their net in-migration to zero it made him wonder how his neck of the woods can entice new Canadians to northern climes.
In addition, the authors argue that sweating, hairlessness and cranial cooling systems found in the human species, though certainly useful for walking, are essential for endurance running in hot climes.
I fear that Jowitt's new book--simply by awarding equal time to Broadway as to the sterner climes of classical ballet--could add fuel to these flames.
But Canada's loss is Australia's gain, since Russell is now enjoying life in the warmer climes of New South Wales with her daughter, Deirdre Prussak.
Moreover, they'll be able to move to more hospitable climes during this extremely gradual change, should it indeed occur.
WHILE MANY Canadian families take advantage of March break to head to warm, sunnier climes, nearly as many hit the ski slopes.
As the fierce winter just past buried fairways and greens under snow, golfers resigned themselves to putting on the carpet, swinging in the garage and watching the pros play in sunny climes on TV.
Cradock's exotic concoctions of Crepe Suzette, Tournedos Rossini with mauve Duchesse Potatoes and the Taj Mahal made from Italian meringue speak to her of foreign climes and sophistication.
Capybaras, the world's largest rodents and a source of meat, also thrive in Venezuela's swampy climes.
When I left Edmonton in 1985 for what I expected to be the sunnier cultural climes of Vancouver, I had no idea what I was actually leaving behind.
The palm holds a particular fascination for the Brits, who have to go to warmer climes to see this "exotic" vegetation in its native environment.