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Impact of Clinical Inertia on Cardiovascular Risk Factors in Patients with Diabetes.
Clinical inertia in the management of Type 2 diabetes metabolic risk factors.
Clinical Inertia Means Hypertension and High Glucose Levels Inadequately Treated
Recently, the term clinical inertia has been proposed to define the phenomenon by which health care providers fail to initiate or intensify therapy when indicated (Phillips et al.
The best way to describe the current management of obesity is clinical inertia," Robert E.
We need Diabetes Discourse to break the back of clinical inertia," says Dr.
Clinical inertia may be simply defined as failure to intensify treatment of a patient who is not at their evidence-based HbA1c goal.
Panelists at the briefing cited lack of awareness about guidelines, lack of time, and lack of reimbursement as possible reasons for clinical inertia.

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