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Clinical inertia in people with type 2 diabetes: a retrospective cohort study of more than 80,000 people.
Clinical decision-making to avoid clinical inertia.
Clinical inertia as well as patients' concerns about the potential negative impact of insulin therapy on their QoL are the main barriers to the timely initiation of this treatment (14).
Level of blood pressure above goal and clinical inertia in a Medicaid population.
Two measures of clinical inertia in diabetes care have been used previously: the proportion of patients having an intensification of pharmacological therapy at visits with elevated measures of glycemic control (El-Kebbi et al.
We need Diabetes Discourse to break the back of clinical inertia," says Dr.
Fixed-dose combinations may contribute to clinical inertia, not lessen it, he added.
Studies suggest that clinical inertia may be an important barrier to effective diabetes treatment.
Clinical inertia may be simply defined as failure to intensify treatment of a patient who is not at their evidence-based HbA1c goal.
Clinical inertia is another challenge, as clinicians may be hesitant to stop therapy in patients already on a fibrate-statin combination.
The causes of this clinical inertia include a lack of formal training in obesity, inadequate counseling skills, lack of office tools and resources, lack of reimbursement, and brief office visits that focus on the acute symptoms of patients whose chief complaint typically is not "I am overweight.

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