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Oseltamivir treatment in adults with influenza shortens the time to clinical symptom alleviation by about 1 day and substantially reduces the risk of lower respiratory tract complications and hospitalization, according to findings from a meta-analysis of nine randomized, controlled trials involving 4,328 adult patients.
Table 2: Comparison of clinical symptoms in cystitis glandularis with and without upper urinary tract obstruction [Table omitted]
The platelet count nadir was observed 4 days (range 1-6 days) after the acute onset of clinical symptoms.
Clinical symptoms and signs (fever, cough, headache, sore throat, rhinorrhea, and diarrhea), which developed in the 193 healthcare workers working at the emergency department of NTUH from March 30 to June 30, were retrospectively evaluated through a formal questionnaire.
Variant CJD is asymptomatic for about 10 to 16 years and there is no accurate way to determine how many people could be harboring the disease without clinical symptoms and also be blood donors.
Cutaneous leishmaniasis can have devastating effects on local communities because of its clinical symptoms, i.
Previous studies show patients with probable SARS on ribavirin and steroid therapy may experience a biphasic course, with clinical symptoms and changes shown on chest x-rays increasing in the second week of disease (2).
Our investigation highlights several features of SARS transmission observed in multiple outbreaks, including the central role of hospitals in disease transmission, the difficulty in distinguishing SARS from other clinical symptoms, and the danger associated with delayed case detection and isolation.
In addition, in an analysis from one major center, 72% (23/32) of patients that entered the AP23573 Phase 2 trial with tumor-related clinical symptoms (e.

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