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The brightness of the web site also delights Clipping Path India its clients.
These are shot against white backgrounds with full clipping paths for easy insertion into any layout.
In contrast to other available RFDI photography that is severely constrained by the limits of JPEG compression and clipping paths, PhotoSpin images incorporate advanced FlashPix format features including multiple image resolutions, pre-multiplied alpha channels, and transflectance capabilities.
Path support, which allows users to import paths created in other applications and export paths and clipping paths.
MediaBin also preserves the Photoshop layers, clipping paths and channels, allowing each layer to be cataloged, accessed and otherwise treated as a core image asset.
More efficient files provide dramatic archive savings, and the images are truly repurposable because all Adobe Photoshop layers, channels and clipping paths are preserved.
Precise handmade clipping paths, custom tailored to each image, can be used for even greater edge control.