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just as for the closed-end lease with a guaranteed buy back.
An open-end lease usually is slightly less costly than the closed-end lease.
He illustrates the value of a closed-end lease with an example of someone who leases a $20,000 car for three years with a residual value set at $10,000.
Closed-end leases are more popular because they don't require additional money at the end of the lease if the resale value of the vehicle has dropped below the original estimate of the value.
Operating lease contracts are frequently subdivided into two categories: (1) open-end leases and (2) closed-end leases.
However, closed-end leases may be added to the trust during the revolving period, with residual exposure limited to 7.
the first section in respect of a contract of sale, the second part in the framework of three-sided, closed-end leases.