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However, adjusting for uncertain cash inflows would make these alternatives less attractive vis-a-vis both closed-end leases, and the guaranteed buy back lease would become less attractive relative to the fair market value lease.
When the leased car is assumed to be purchased at the end of the lease, all of the cash flows from the purchase and open-end lease alternatives are certain, while the lease purchase option prices are uncertain for the closed-end leases.
To illustrate this procedure, data on guaranteed buy back and fair market value closed-end leases were obtained from a Honda dealership in the Greenville, South Carolina metropolitan area.
With the more common closed-end lease, assuming there's no excessive mileage or wear on the vehicle, the customer returns the car with no extra costs.
Closed-end leases require a fixed number of payments for a specified number of months, and at the end of this payment period the lessee simply returns the leased asset to the lessor.
A recent new car sales promotion offered potential customers the choice between (1) a 66-month closed-end lease, or (2) a 60-month installment financing contract for a 1988 BMW Model 528e.